TWSI Turk bootstrap Word Sense Inventory (Repository)

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  • ADCR ID: ADCR2010T005
  • Name of Dataset: TWSI (Turk bootstrap Word Sense Inventory)
  • Contributor: Chris Biemann, Powerset (a Microsoft company), February 1st, 2010
  • Copyright: (c) 2010, Microsoft Corp.
  • Citation: If you use the Turk bootstrap Word Sense Inventory in your research, please include the following citation in any resulting papers:
  • C. Biemann and V. Nygaard (2010): Crowdsourcing WordNet. In Proceedings of the 5th Global WordNet conference, Mumbai, India. , ACL Data and Code Repository, ADCR2010T005,
  • Description: Version 1: Collection of more than 50,000 sentences for 397 frequent target nouns from Wikipedia, sense-labeled and with substitutions.
  • Download: [1] - TWSI version 1 [2] Supplementary Data version 1;