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Edit history prior to import

Siggen-logo.gif Below you can see the edit history (dates, authors, summaries) of this article in the original SIGGEN Resources Wiki before it was imported into the ACL Wiki.

Maria Milosavljevic deserves credit for compiling the first versions of the NLG resources collection which at the time consisted of a couple of HTML pages.

8	2006-08-27 22:29:04 	1580 		host-84-9-229-244
7 	2006-05-26 10:49:19 	1517 		lucy
6 	2005-11-19 19:12:28 	1586 		tnt179
5 	2005-11-18 15:11:59 	1558 		DavidReitter 	contact
4 	2005-11-18 15:06:01 	1295 		DavidReitter	 
3 	2005-11-18 14:29:01 	1089 		DavidReitter	 
2 	2005-11-14 15:49:52 	1048 		DavidReitter	 
1 	2005-11-14 15:40:28 	1059 		DavidReitter

Moving SIGGEN's NLG Resources Wiki into the ACL Wiki

This portal will be based on the NLG Resources Wiki initiated by ACL SIGGEN in November 2005. When the transfer is complete, this portal will replace the old wiki.

Pages originating from SIGGEN's NLG Resources Wiki will be put in the “NLG” namespace, i.e. their titles/lemmas will begin with “NLG:”. Feel free to improve these pages, but please refrain from moving them around. --ChristianPietsch 21:22, 7 February 2009 (UTC)

PS: You can see that I changed my mind concerning the NLG namespace idea -- mainly for reasons of appearance. Using the category systems seems to be the better solution. The box I put on the bottom of every imported page takes care that the page is in the categories Category:Natural Language Generation, Category:Resources and Category:Imported from the SIGGEN Resources Wiki. I am not sure about Category:Resources because the usage of this category seems to differ across the ACL Wiki. Then I put another box and the edit histories from the old MoinMoin wiki on the corresponding talk pages. (You can see an example above.) Please keep these lists intact; it might be required to credit all authors. --ChristianPietsch 20:42, 8 February 2009 (UTC)