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* '''Download''': <''link to download file''>.
* '''Download''': <''link to download file''>.
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Please copy and paste this text into the metadata file for your contribution to the ACL Data and Code Repository and edit it as appropriate.

  • Name of Dataset: ABC Corpus.
  • Contributor: John Smith, <link to John's personal home page>.
  • Citation: If you use the ABC Corpus in your research, please include the following citation in any resulting papers:
Doe, J. (2000), The development of the ABC corpus, Journal of Corpus Engineering, 5(2):1-10.
  • Description: The ABC Corpus consists of one million words of text, manually tagged with semantic tags, as described in Doe (2000). For more information, please see the documentation file that is included in the download package.
  • Download: <link to download file>.