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I have more than three years of software development experience with Java and relevant technologies, and I have done various projects. I have also taught Advance Java Programming course at undergraduate level. Brief descriptions of a few currently live projects can be seen in projects section below.

I am interested in using my knowledge of Java EE and Java SE platforms and relevant tools and technologies to deliver classy applications, meeting user requirements and guaranteeing their satisfaction at utmost priority.

Apart from that, recently, I have been more inclined towards Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery domains, and I am looking for opportunities to apply these techniques for Business Intelligence and Business Analysis activities.

What I do

- Setup and configure Java Web Applications from scratch - Setup and configure JBoss Enterprise Application environment - Setup and Use Java Persistence API (JPA) for persistence - Develop dynamic front-end using JSF - Develop dynamic back-end using Java Servlets - Develop Enterprise Java Beans using EJB 3.0 - Develop emailing system using Java Mail API - Develop Java console applications - Use Java Database Connectivity (JDBC) API - Use Java Cryptography Architecture (JCA) - Teach Java Programming - Teach Advance Java Programming