WordSimilarity-353 Test Collection (State of the art)

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Table of results

  • Listed in order of increasing Spearman's rho.

Algorithm Reference Type Spearman's rho
HSMN+csmRNN Luong et al. (2013) Corpus-based 0.65
ESA-Wikipedia Gabrilovich and Markovitch Hybrid 0.75


Gabrilovich, Evgeniy, and Shaul Markovitch. (2007). Computing Semantic Relatedness Using Wikipedia-based Explicit Semantic Analysis. In IJCAI, vol. 7, pp. 1606-1611.

Luong, Minh-Thang, Richard Socher, and Christopher D. Manning. (2013). Better word representations with recursive neural networks for morphology. CoNLL-2013: 104.

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