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Proceedings of the Ninth International Conference on Computational Semantics (IWCS 2011)
Proceedings of BioNLP 2011 Workshop
Proceedings of the Fifteenth Conference on Computational Natural Language Learning
Proceedings of the 5th Linguistic Annotation Workshop
Proceedings of the Workshop on Automatic Summarization for Different Genres, Media, and Languages
Proceedings of the 2nd Workshop on Cognitive Modeling and Computational Linguistics
Proceedings of the Workshop on Language in Social Media (LSM 2011)
Proceedings of the Workshop on Multiword Expressions: from Parsing and Generation to the Real World
Proceedings of the ACL 2011 Workshop on Relational Models of Semantics
Proceedings of Fifth Workshop on Syntax, Semantics and Structure in Statistical Translation
Proceedings of TextGraphs-6: Graph-based Methods for Natural Language Processing
Proceedings of the 4th Workshop on Building and Using Comparable Corpora: Comparable Corpora and the Web
Proceedings of the Workshop on Distributional Semantics and Compositionality
Proceedings of the Sixth Workshop on Innovative Use of NLP for Building Educational Applications
Proceedings of the 5th ACL-HLT Workshop on Language Technology for Cultural Heritage, Social Sciences, and Humanities
Proceedings of the Workshop on Monolingual Text-To-Text Generation
Proceedings of the 2nd Workshop on Computational Approaches to Subjectivity and Sentiment Analysis (WASSA 2.011)
Proceedings of BioNLP Shared Task 2011 Workshop
Proceedings of the Fifteenth Conference on Computational Natural Language Learning: Shared Task
Proceedings of the SIGDIAL 2011 Conference
Proceedings of the Sixth Workshop on Statistical Machine Translation
Proceedings of the First workshop on Unsupervised Learning in NLP
Proceedings of the Second Workshop on Speech and Language Processing for Assistive Technologies
Proceedings of the TextInfer 2011 Workshop on Textual Entailment
Proceedings of the GEMS 2011 Workshop on GEometrical Models of Natural Language Semantics
Proceedings of the First Workshop on Algorithms and Resources for Modelling of Dialects and Language Varieties
Proceedings of the UCNLG+Eval: Language Generation and Evaluation Workshop
Proceedings of the 13th European Workshop on Natural Language Generation
Proceedings of the 12th International Conference on Parsing Technologies
Proceedings of the 2nd Workshop on South Southeast Asian Natural Language Processing (WSSANLP)
Proceedings of the KRAQ11 workshop
Proceedings of the 3rd Named Entities Workshop (NEWS 2011)
Proceedings of the Workshop on Language Resources, Technology and Services in the Sharing Paradigm
Proceedings of the 9th Workshop on Asian Language Resources
Proceedings of the Workshop on Advances in Text Input Methods (WTIM 2011)
Proceedings of the Fifth International Workshop On Cross Lingual Information Access
Proceedings of the Workshop on Sentiment Analysis where AI meets Psychology (SAAIP 2011)
Proceedings of the Second Workshop on Statistical Parsing of Morphologically Rich Languages
Proceedings of Workshop on Robust Unsupervised and Semisupervised Methods in Natural Language Processing
Proceedings of the RANLP 2011 Workshop on Information Extraction and Knowledge Acquisition
Proceedings of the Workshop on Language Technologies for Digital Humanities and Cultural Heritage
Proceedings of the Second Workshop on Biomedical Natural Language Processing
Proceedings of The Second Workshop on Annotation and Exploitation of Parallel Corpora
Proceedings of the 9th International Workshop on Finite State Methods and Natural Language Processing
Proceedings of the 8th Brazilian Symposium in Information and Human Language Technology
Proceedings of the 18th Nordic Conference of Computational Linguistics (NODALIDA 2011)

Proceedings of the Ninth International Conference on Computational Semantics (IWCS 2011)

W11-0100: Front Matter

W11-0101: Harry Bunt
The Semantics of Dialogue Acts

W11-0102: Eduard Hovy
A New Semantics: Merging Propositional and Distributional Information

W11-0103: Hiyan Alshawi; Pi-Chuan Chang; Michael Ringgaard
Deterministic Statistical Mapping of Sentences to Underspecified Semantics

W11-0104: Carmen Banea; Rada Mihalcea
Word Sense Disambiguation with Multilingual Features

W11-0105: Chitta Baral; Juraj Dzifcak; Marcos Alvarez Gonzalez; Jiayu Zhou
Using Inverse lambda and Generalization to Translate English to Formal Languages

W11-0106: Eduardo Blanco; Dan Moldovan
A Model for Composing Semantic Relations

W11-0107: James Blythe; Jerry Hobbs; Pedro Domingos; Rohit Kate; Raymond Mooney
Implementing Weighted Abduction in Markov Logic

W11-0108: Guillaume Bonfante; Bruno Guillaume; Mathieu Morey; Guy Perrier
Modular Graph Rewriting to Compute Semantics

W11-0109: Oliver Bott; Fabian Schlotterbeck; Jakub Szymanik
Interpreting tractable versus intractable reciprocal sentences

W11-0110: Susan Windisch Brown; Dmitriy Dligach; Martha Palmer
VerbNet Class Assignment as a WSD Task

W11-0111: Manaal Faruqui; Sebastian Pado
Acquiring entailment pairs across languages and domains: A Data Analysis

W11-0112: Dan Garrette; Katrin Erk; Raymond Mooney
Integrating Logical Representations with Probabilistic Information using Markov Logic

W11-0113: Voula Gotsoulia
An Abstract Schema for Representing Semantic Roles and Modelling the Syntax-Semantics Interface

W11-0114: Edward Grefenstette; Mehrnoosh Sadrzadeh; Stephen Clark; Bob Coecke; Stephen Pulman
Concrete Sentence Spaces for Compositional Distributional Models of Meaning

W11-0115: Emiliano Raul Guevara
Computing Semantic Compositionality in Distributional Semantics

W11-0116: Andrey Gusev; Nathanael Chambers; Divye Raj Khilnani; Pranav Khaitan; Steven Bethard; Dan Jurafsky
Using Query Patterns to Learn the Duration of Events

W11-0117: Yoshihiko Hayashi
A Representation Framework for Cross-lingual/Interlingual Lexical Semantic Correspondences

W11-0118: Aurelie Herbelot; Ann Copestake
Formalising and specifying underquantification

W11-0119: Blake Stephen Howald; E. Graham Katz
The Exploitation of Spatial Information in Narrative Discourse

W11-0120: Chee Wee Leong; Rada Mihalcea
Measuring the semantic relatedness between words and images

W11-0121: Niloofar Montazeri; Jerry Hobbs
Elaborating a Knowledge Base for Deep Lexical Semantics

W11-0122: Elisabeth Niemann; Iryna Gurevych
The People's Web meets Linguistic Knowledge: Automatic Sense Alignment of Wikipedia and WordNet

W11-0123: Megumi Ohki; Eric Nichols; Suguru Matsuyoshi; Koji Murakami; Junta Mizuno; Shouko Masuda; Kentaro Inui; Yuji Matsumoto
Recognizing Confinement in Web Texts

W11-0124: Ekaterina Ovchinnikova; Niloofar Montazeri; Theodore Alexandrov; Jerry Hobbs; Michael C. McCord; Rutu Mulkar-Mehta
Abductive Reasoning with a Large Knowledge Base for Discourse Processing

W11-0125: Volha Petukhova; Harry Bunt
Incremental dialogue act understanding

W11-0126: Hilke Reckman; Jeff Orkin; Deb Roy
Extracting aspects of determiner meaning from dialogue in a virtual world environment

W11-0127: Livio Robaldo
On the Maximalization of the witness sets in Independent Set readings

W11-0128: Jason Utt; Sebastian Pado
Ontology-based Distinction between Polysemy and Homonymy

W11-0129: Nervo Verdezoto; Laure Vieu
Towards semi-automatic methods for improving WordNet

W11-0130: Justin Washtell
Compositional Expectation: A Purely Distributional Model of Compositional Semantics

W11-0131: Stephen Wu; William Schuler
Structured Composition of Semantic Vectors

W11-0132: Tafseer Ahmed; Miriam Butt
Discovering Semantic Classes for Urdu N-V Complex Predicates

W11-0133: Lee Becker; Wayne Ward; Sarel Van Vuuren; Martha Palmer
DISCUSS: A dialogue move taxonomy layered over semantic representations

W11-0134: Armelle Boussidan; Sabine Ploux
Using Topic Salience and Connotational Drifts to Detect Candidates to Semantic Change

W11-0135: Elena Cabrio; Bernardo Magnini
Towards Component-Based Textual Entailment

W11-0136: Daoud Clarke; David Weir; Rudi Lutz
Algebraic Approaches to Compositional Distributional Semantics

W11-0137: Rachel Cotterill
Question Classification for Email

W11-0138: Normunds Gruzitis; Guntis Barzdins
Towards a More Natural Multilingual Controlled Language Interface to OWL

W11-0139: Ezra Keshet; Terrence Szymanski; Stephen Tyndall
BALLGAME: A Corpus for Computational Semantics

W11-0140: Leonardo Lesmo; Alessandro Mazzei; Daniele P. Radicioni
An Ontology Based Architecture for Translation

W11-0141: Roser Morante; Sarah Schrauwen; Walter Daelemans
Corpus-based approaches to processing the scope of negation cues: an evaluation of the state of the art

W11-0142: Jaouad Mousser
Classifying Arabic Verbs Using Sibling Classes

W11-0143: Rutu Mulkar-Mehta; Jerry Hobbs; Eduard Hovy
Granularity in Natural Language Discourse

W11-0144: Matthew Purver; Arash Eshghi; Julian Hough
Incremental Semantic Construction in a Dialogue System

W11-0145: Kevin Reschke; Pranav Anand
Extracting Contextual Evaluativity

W11-0146: Lina Maria Rojas-Barahona; Thierry Bazillon; Matthieu Quignard; Fabrice Lefevre
Using MMIL for the High Level Semantic Annotation of the French MEDIA Dialogue Corpus

W11-0147: Masoud Rouhizadeh; Margit Bowler; Richard Sproat; Bob Coyne
Collecting Semantic Data from Mechanical Turk for a Lexical Knowledge Resource in a Text to Picture Generating System

W11-0148: Steve Spagnola; Carl Lagoze
Edge dependent pathway scoring for calculating semantic similarity in ConceptNet

W11-0149: Pia-Ramona Wojtinnek; Stephen Pulman
Semantic Relatedness from Automatically Generated Semantic Networks

W11-0150: Deyu Zhou; Yulan He
Semantic Parsing for Biomedical Event Extraction

Proceedings of BioNLP 2011 Workshop

W11-02 [bib]: Entire volume

W11-0200: Front Matter

W11-0201 [bib]: Philippe Thomas; Stefan Pietschmann; Illès Solt; Domonkos Tikk; Ulf Leser
Not all links are equal: Exploiting Dependency Types for the Extraction of Protein-Protein Interactions from Text

W11-0202 [bib]: Marek Rei; Ted Briscoe
Unsupervised Entailment Detection between Dependency Graph Fragments

W11-0203 [bib]: Chun-Nan Hsu; Cheng-Ju Kuo; Congxing Cai; Sarah Pendergrass; Marylyn Ritchie; Jose Luis Ambite
Learning Phenotype Mapping for Integrating Large Genetic Data

W11-0204 [bib]: Sofie Van Landeghem; Filip Ginter; Yves Van de Peer; Tapio Salakoski
EVEX: A PubMed-Scale Resource for Homology-Based Generalization of Text Mining Predictions

W11-0205 [bib]: K. Bretonnel Cohen; Thomas Christiansen; William Baumgartner Jr.; Karin Verspoor; Lawrence Hunter
Fast and simple semantic class assignment for biomedical text

W11-0206 [bib]: Sandeep Pokkunuri; Cartic Ramakrishnan; Ellen Riloff; Eduard Hovy; Gully Burns
The Role of Information Extraction in the Design of a Document Triage Application for Biocuration

W11-0207 [bib]: Asma Ben Abacha; Pierre Zweigenbaum
Medical Entity Recognition: A Comparaison of Semantic and Statistical Methods

W11-0208 [bib]: Yu Usami; Han-Cheol Cho; Naoaki Okazaki; Jun'ichi Tsujii
Automatic Acquisition of Huge Training Data for Bio-Medical Named Entity Recognition

W11-0209 [bib]: He Tan; Rajaram Kaliyaperumal; Nirupama Benis
Building frame-based corpus on the basis of ontological domain knowledge

W11-0210 [bib]: Riza Theresa Batista-Navarro; Sophia Ananiadou
Building a Coreference-Annotated Corpus from the Domain of Biochemistry

W11-0211 [bib]: Malgorzata Marciniak; Agnieszka Mykowiecka
Towards Morphologically Annotated Corpus of Hospital Discharge Reports in Polish

W11-0212 [bib]: Catherine Blake; Wu Zheng
In Search of Protein Locations

W11-0213 [bib]: Aurelie Neveol; W. John Wilbur; Zhiyong Lu
Automatic extraction of data deposition statements: where do the research results go?

W11-0214 [bib]: Tomoko Ohta; Sampo Pyysalo; Jun'ichi Tsujii
From Pathways to Biomolecular Events: Opportunities and Challenges

W11-0215 [bib]: Sampo Pyysalo; Tomoko Ohta; Makoto Miwa; Jun'ichi Tsujii
Towards Exhaustive Event Extraction for Protein Modifications

W11-0216 [bib]: Faisal Md. Chowdhury; Alberto Lavelli; Alessandro Moschitti
A Study on Dependency Tree Kernels for Automatic Extraction of Protein-Protein Interaction

W11-0217 [bib]: Elizabeth White; K. Bretonnel Cohen; Larry Hunter
Hypothesis and Evidence Extraction from Full-Text Scientific Journal Articles

W11-0218 [bib]: Pontus Stenetorp; Sampo Pyysalo; Jun'ichi Tsujii
SimSem: Fast Approximate String Matching in Relation to Semantic Category Disambiguation

W11-0219 [bib]: Hyuckchul Jung; James Allen; Nate Blaylock; William de Beaumont; Lucian Galescu; Mary Swift
Building Timelines from Narrative Clinical Records: Initial Results Based-on Deep Natural Language Understanding

W11-0220 [bib]: Lana Yeganova; Donald C. Comeau; Won Kim; W. John Wilbur
Text Mining Techniques for Leveraging Positively Labeled Data

W11-0221 [bib]: Tadayoshi Hara; Yuka Tateisi; Jin-Dong Kim; Yusuke Miyao
Parsing Natural Language Queries for Life Science Knowledge

W11-0222 [bib]: Shao Fen Liang; Donia Scott; Robert Stevens; Alan Rector
Unlocking Medical Ontologies for Non-Ontology Experts

W11-0223 [bib]: Antonio Jimeno Yepes; Alan Aronson
Self-training and co-training in biomedical word sense disambiguation

W11-0224 [bib]: Marc Verhagen; James Pustejovsky
Medstract - The Next Generation

W11-0225 [bib]: Choochart Haruechaiyasak; Jaruwat Pailai; Wasna Viratyosin; Rachada Kongkachandra
ThaiHerbMiner: A Thai Herbal Medicine Mining and Visualizing Tool

Proceedings of the Fifteenth Conference on Computational Natural Language Learning

W11-03 [bib]: Entire volume

W11-0300: Front Matter

W11-0301 [bib]: Yoong Keok Lee; Aria Haghighi; Regina Barzilay
Modeling Syntactic Context Improves Morphological Segmentation

W11-0302 [bib]: Emad Mohamed
The Effect of Automatic Tokenization, Vocalization, Stemming, and {POS} Tagging on {A}rabic Dependency Parsing

W11-0303 [bib]: Valentin I. Spitkovsky; Hiyan Alshawi; Daniel Jurafsky
Punctuation: Making a Point in Unsupervised Dependency Parsing

W11-0304 [bib]: Constantine Lignos
Modeling Infant Word Segmentation

W11-0305 [bib]: Daniel Hewlett; Paul Cohen
Word Segmentation as General Chunking

W11-0306 [bib]: Bruce Hayes
(Invited talk) Computational Linguistics for Studying Language in People: Principles, Applications and Research Problems

W11-0307 [bib]: Andreas Vlachos; Mark Craven
Search-based Structured Prediction applied to Biomedical Event Extraction

W11-0308 [bib]: Smruthi Mukund; Debanjan Ghosh; Rohini Srihari
Using Sequence Kernels to identify Opinion Entities in Urdu

W11-0309 [bib]: Robert Munro
Subword and Spatiotemporal Models for Identifying Actionable Information in {H}aitian {K}reyol

W11-0310 [bib]: Ruchita Sarawgi; Kailash Gajulapalli; Yejin Choi
Gender Attribution: Tracing Stylometric Evidence Beyond Topic and Genre

W11-0311 [bib]: Cem Akkaya; Janyce Wiebe; Alexander Conrad; Rada Mihalcea
Improving the Impact of Subjectivity Word Sense Disambiguation on Contextual Opinion Analysis

W11-0312 [bib]: Dana Angluin; Leonor Becerra-Bonache
Effects of Meaning-Preserving Corrections on Language Learning

W11-0313 [bib]: Shilpa Arora; Eric Nyberg
Assessing Benefit from Feature Feedback in Active Learning for Text Classification

W11-0314 [bib]: Felice Dell'Orletta; Giulia Venturi; Simonetta Montemagni
ULISSE: an Unsupervised Algorithm for Detecting Reliable Dependency Parses

W11-0315 [bib]: Fei Huang; Alexander Yates; Arun Ahuja; Doug Downey
Language Models as Representations for Weakly Supervised NLP Tasks

W11-0316 [bib]: Zhiyuan Liu; Xinxiong Chen; Yabin Zheng; Maosong Sun
Automatic Keyphrase Extraction by Bridging Vocabulary Gap

W11-0317 [bib]: Bridget T. McInnes; Ted Pedersen; Ying Liu; Serguei V. Pakhomov; Genevieve B. Melton
Using Second-order Vectors in a Knowledge-based Method for Acronym Disambiguation

W11-0318 [bib]: Kohei Ozaki; Masashi Shimbo; Mamoru Komachi; Yuji Matsumoto
Using the Mutual k-Nearest Neighbor Graphs for Semi-supervised Classification on Natural Language Data

W11-0319 [bib]: Marco Pennacchiotti; Patrick Pantel
Automatically Building Training Examples for Entity Extraction

W11-0320 [bib]: Thomas Schoenemann
Probabilistic Word Alignment under the $L_0$-norm

W11-0321 [bib]: Yanir Seroussi; Ingrid Zukerman; Fabian Bohnert
Authorship Attribution with Latent Dirichlet Allocation

W11-0322 [bib]: Sean Szumlanski; Fernando Gomez
Evaluating a Semantic Network Automatically Constructed from Lexical Co-occurrence on a Word Sense Disambiguation Task

W11-0323 [bib]: Ning Yu; Sandra Kübler
Filling the Gap: Semi-Supervised Learning for Opinion Detection Across Domains

W11-0324 [bib]: Xiaodan Zhu
A Normalized-Cut Alignment Model for Mapping Hierarchical Semantic Structures onto Spoken Documents

W11-0325 [bib]: Yee Whye Teh
(Invited talk) Bayesian Tools for Natural Language Learning

W11-0326 [bib]: Siming Li; Girish Kulkarni; Tamara L. Berg; Alexander C. Berg; Yejin Choi
Composing Simple Image Descriptions using Web-scale N-grams

W11-0327 [bib]: Gourab Kundu; Dan Roth
Adapting Text instead of the Model: An Open Domain Approach

W11-0328 [bib]: Yoshimasa Tsuruoka; Yusuke Miyao; Jun'ichi Kazama
Learning with Lookahead: Can History-Based Models Rival Globally Optimized Models?

W11-0329 [bib]: Wen-tau Yih; Kristina Toutanova; John C. Platt; Christopher Meek
Learning Discriminative Projections for Text Similarity Measures

Proceedings of the 5th Linguistic Annotation Workshop

W11-04 [bib]: Entire volume

W11-0400: Front Matter

W11-0401 [bib]: Iria da Cunha; Juan-Manuel Torres-Moreno; Gerardo Sierra
On the Development of the RST Spanish Treebank

W11-0402 [bib]: Christian Chiarcos; Tomaž Erjavec
OWL/DL formalization of the MULTEXT-East morphosyntactic specifications

W11-0403 [bib]: Ashwini Vaidya; Jinho Choi; Martha Palmer; Bhuvana Narasimhan
Analysis of the Hindi Proposition Bank using Dependency Structure

W11-0404 [bib]: Jisup Hong; Collin F. Baker
How Good is the Crowd at "real" WSD?

W11-0405 [bib]: Youngim Jung; Hyuk-Chul Kwon
Consistency Maintenance in Prosodic Labeling for Reliable Prediction of Prosodic Breaks

W11-0406 [bib]: Livnat Herzig; Alex Nunes; Batia Snir
An Annotation Scheme for Automated Bias Detection in Wikipedia

W11-0407 [bib]: Shun'ya Iwasawa; Hiroki Hanaoka; Takuya Matsuzaki; Yusuke Miyao; Jun'ichi Tsujii
A Collaborative Annotation between Human Annotators and a Statistical Parser

W11-0408 [bib]: Dmitriy Dligach; Martha Palmer
Reducing the Need for Double Annotation

W11-0409 [bib]: Anna Rumshisky
Crowdsourcing Word Sense Definition

W11-0410 [bib]: K. Bretonnel Cohen; Lawrence Hunter; Martha Palmer
A scaleable automated quality assurance technique for semantic representations and proposition banks

W11-0411 [bib]: Cyril Grouin; Sophie Rosset; Pierre Zweigenbaum; Karën Fort; Olivier Galibert; Ludovic Quintard
Proposal for an Extension of Traditional Named Entities: From Guidelines to Evaluation, an Overview

W11-0412 [bib]: Md. Faisal Mahbub Chowdhury; Alberto Lavelli
Assessing the practical usability of an automatically annotated corpus

W11-0413 [bib]: Muhammad Abdul-Mageed; Mona Diab
Subjectivity and Sentiment Annotation of Modern Standard Arabic Newswire

W11-0414 [bib]: Ravi Teja Rachakonda; Dipti Misra Sharma
Creating an Annotated Tamil Corpus as a Discourse Resource

W11-0415 [bib]: Silke Scheible; Richard J. Whitt; Martin Durrell; Paul Bennett
A Gold Standard Corpus of Early Modern German

W11-0416 [bib]: Amber Stubbs
MAE and MAI: Lightweight Annotation and Adjudication Tools

W11-0417 [bib]: Chaitanya GSK; Samar Husain; Prashanth Mannem
Empty Categories in Hindi Dependency Treebank: Analysis and Recovery

W11-0418 [bib]: Tommaso Caselli; Valentina Bartalesi Lenzi; Rachele Sprugnoli; Emanuele Pianta; Irina Prodanof
Annotating Events, Temporal Expressions and Relations in Italian: the It-Timeml Experience for the Ita-TimeBank

W11-0419 [bib]: James Pustejovsky; Amber Stubbs
Increasing Informativeness in Temporal Annotation

W11-0420 [bib]: Yuping Zhou; Nianwen Xue
Discourse-constrained Temporal Annotation

Proceedings of the Workshop on Automatic Summarization for Different Genres, Media, and Languages

W11-05 [bib]: Entire volume

W11-0500: Front Matter

W11-0501 [bib]: David C. Uthus; David W. Aha
Plans Toward Automated Chat Summarization

W11-0502 [bib]: Nitin Agarwal; Ravi Shankar Reddy; Kiran Gvr; Carolyn Penstein Rosè
Towards Multi-Document Summarization of Scientific Articles:Making Interesting Comparisons with SciSumm

W11-0503 [bib]: Lu Wang; Claire Cardie
Summarizing Decisions in Spoken Meetings

W11-0504 [bib]: Karolina Owczarzak; Hoa Dang
Who wrote What Where: Analyzing the content of human and automatic summaries

W11-0505 [bib]: Byung Gyu Ahn; Benjamin Van Durme; Chris Callison-Burch
WikiTopics: What is Popular on Wikipedia and Why

W11-0506 [bib]: Charles Greenbacker; Peng Wu; Sandra Carberry; Kathleen McCoy; Stephanie Elzer
Abstractive Summarization of Line Graphs from Popular Media

W11-0507 [bib]: Rebecca Mason; Eugene Charniak
Extractive Multi-Document Summaries Should Explicitly Not Contain Document Specific Content

Proceedings of the 2nd Workshop on Cognitive Modeling and Computational Linguistics

W11-06 [bib]: Entire volume

W11-0600: Front Matter

W11-0601 [bib]: Luc Boruta; Sharon Peperkamp; Benoît Crabbè; Emmanuel Dupoux
Testing the Robustness of Online Word Segmentation: Effects of Linguistic Diversity and Phonetic Variation

W11-0602 [bib]: Dave Kleinschmidt; T. Florian Jaeger
A {Bayesian} Belief Updating Model of Phonetic Recalibration and Selective Adaptation

W11-0603 [bib]: John Pate; Sharon Goldwater
Unsupervised Syntactic Chunking with Acoustic Cues: Computational Models for Prosodic Bootstrapping

W11-0604 [bib]: Charles Yang
A Statistical Test for Grammar

W11-0605 [bib]: Edward Stabler
Top-Down Recognizers for {MCFGs} and {MGs}

W11-0606 [bib]: Anna N. Rafferty; Thomas L. Griffiths; Marc Ettlinger
Exploring the Relationship Between Learnability and Linguistic Universals

W11-0607 [bib]: Alessandro Lenci
Composing and Updating Verb Argument Expectations: A Distributional Semantic Model

W11-0608 [bib]: Jacolien van Rij; Hedderik van Rijn; Petra Hendriks
{WM} Load Influences the Interpretation of Referring Expressions

W11-0609 [bib]: Cristian Danescu-Niculescu-Mizil; Lillian Lee
Chameleons in Imagined Conversations: A New Approach to Understanding Coordination of Linguistic Style in Dialogs

W11-0610 [bib]: Emily T. Prud'hommeaux; Brian Roark; Lois M. Black; Jan van Santen
Classification of Atypical Language in Autism

W11-0611 [bib]: Saif Mohammad
Colourful Language: Measuring Word-Colour Associations

W11-0612 [bib]: Mattias Nilsson; Joakim Nivre
A Survival Analysis of Fixation Times in Reading

Proceedings of the Workshop on Language in Social Media (LSM 2011)

W11-07 [bib]: Entire volume

W11-0700: Front Matter

W11-0701 [bib]: Susan Herring
Automating Analysis of Social Media Communication: Insights from CMDA

W11-0702 [bib]: Rob Abbott; Marilyn Walker; Pranav Anand; Jean E. Fox Tree; Robeson Bowmani; Joseph King
How can you say such things?!?: Recognizing Disagreement in Informal Political Argument

W11-0703 [bib]: Ramnath Balasubramanyan; William W. Cohen; Doug Pierce; David P. Redlawsk
What pushes their buttons? Predicting comment polarity from the content of political blog posts

W11-0704 [bib]: Stephan Gouws; Donald Metzler; Congxing Cai; Eduard Hovy
Contextual Bearing on Linguistic Variation in Social Media

W11-0705 [bib]: Apoorv Agarwal; Boyi Xie; Ilia Vovsha; Owen Rambow; Rebecca Passonneau
Sentiment Analysis of Twitter Data

W11-0706 [bib]: Alex Marin; Bin Zhang; Mari Ostendorf
Detecting Forum Authority Claims in Online Discussions

W11-0707 [bib]: Emily M. Bender; Jonathan T. Morgan; Meghan Oxley; Mark Zachry; Brian Hutchinson; Alex Marin; Bin Zhang; Mari Ostendorf
Annotating Social Acts: Authority Claims and Alignment Moves in Wikipedia Talk Pages

W11-0708 [bib]: Evandro Cunha; Gabriel Magno; Giovanni Comarela; Virgilio Almeida; Marcos Andrè Gonçalves; Fabricio Benevenuto
Analyzing the Dynamic Evolution of Hashtags on Twitter: a Language-Based Approach

W11-0709 [bib]: Fei Liu; Yang Liu; Fuliang Weng
Why is "SXSW" trending? Exploring Multiple Text Sources for Twitter Topic Summarization

W11-0710 [bib]: Dong Nguyen; Carolyn P. Rosè
Language use as a reflection of socialization in online communities

W11-0711 [bib]: Kelly Peterson; Matt Hohensee; Fei Xia
Email Formality in the Workplace: A Case Study on the Enron Corpus

Proceedings of the Workshop on Multiword Expressions: from Parsing and Generation to the Real World

W11-08 [bib]: Entire volume

W11-0800: Front Matter

W11-0801 [bib]: Timothy Baldwin
MWEs and Topic Modelling: Enhancing Machine Learning with Linguistics

W11-0802 [bib]: Antton Gurrutxaga; Iñaki Alegria
Automatic Extraction of NV Expressions in Basque: Basic Issues on Cooccurrence Techniques

W11-0803 [bib]: Tanmoy Chakraborty; Dipankar Das; Sivaji Bandyopadhyay
Semantic Clustering: an Attempt to Identify Multiword Expressions in Bengali

W11-0804 [bib]: Deirdre Hogan; Jennifer Foster; Josef van Genabith
Decreasing Lexical Data Sparsity in Statistical Syntactic Parsing - Experiments with Named Entities

W11-0805 [bib]: Mark Finlayson; Nidhi Kulkarni
Detecting Multi-Word Expressions Improves Word Sense Disambiguation

W11-0806 [bib]: William Schuler; Aravind Joshi
Tree-Rewriting Models of Multi-Word Expressions

W11-0807 [bib]: Yuancheng Tu; Dan Roth
Learning English Light Verb Constructions: Contextual or Statistical

W11-0808 [bib]: Juwon Lee
Two Types of Korean Light Verb Constructions in a Typed Feature Structure Grammar

W11-0809 [bib]: Matthieu Constant; Anthony Sigogne
MWU-Aware Part-of-Speech Tagging with a CRF Model and Lexical Resources

W11-0810 [bib]: Robert Krovetz; Paul Deane; Nitin Madnani
The Web is not a PERSON, Berners-Lee is not an ORGANIZATION, and African-Americans are not LOCATIONS: An Analysis of the Performance of Named-Entity Recognition

W11-0811 [bib]: Berthold Crysmann
A Machine Learning Approach to Relational Noun Mining in German

W11-0812 [revisions: v2] [bib]: Magali Sanches Duran; Carlos Ramisch; Sandra Maria Aluìsio; Aline Villavicencio
Identifying and Analyzing Brazilian Portuguese Complex Predicates

W11-0813 [bib]: Patrick Watrin; Thomas François
An N-gram Frequency Database Reference to Handle MWE Extraction in NLP Applications

W11-0814 [bib]: Petter Haugereid; Francis Bond
Extracting Transfer Rules for Multiword Expressions from Parallel Corpora

W11-0815 [bib]: Otavio Acosta; Aline Villavicencio; Viviane Moreira
Identification and Treatment of Multiword Expressions Applied to Information Retrieval

W11-0816 [bib]: Rai Mahesh Sinha
Stepwise Mining of Multi-Word Expressions in Hindi

W11-0817 [bib]: Veronika Vincze; István Nagy T.; Gábor Berend
Detecting Noun Compounds and Light Verb Constructions: a Contrastive Study

W11-0818 [bib]: Nidhi Kulkarni; Mark Finlayson
jMWE: A Java Toolkit for Detecting Multi-Word Expressions

W11-0819 [bib]: Violeta Seretan; Eric Wehrli
FipsCoView: On-line Visualisation of Collocations Extracted from Multilingual Parallel Corpora

W11-0820 [bib]: David Wible; Nai-Lung Tsao
The StringNet Lexico-Grammatical Knowledgebase and its Applications

W11-0821 [bib]: Ted Pedersen; Satanjeev Banerjee; Bridget McInnes; Saiyam Kohli; Mahesh Joshi; Ying Liu
The Ngram Statistics Package (Text::NSP) : A Flexible Tool for Identifying Ngrams, Collocations, and Word Associations

W11-0822 [bib]: Vitor De Araujo; Carlos Ramisch; Aline Villavicencio
Fast and Flexible MWE Candidate Generation with the mwetoolkit

W11-0823 [bib]: Kenneth Church
How Many Multiword Expressions do People Know?

Proceedings of the ACL 2011 Workshop on Relational Models of Semantics

W11-09 [bib]: Entire volume

W11-0900: Front Matter

W11-0901 [bib]: Martha Palmer
Going Beyond Shallow Semantics

W11-0902 [bib]: Mihai Surdeanu; David McClosky; Mason Smith; Andrey Gusev; Christopher Manning
Customizing an Information Extraction System to a New Domain

W11-0903 [bib]: Serbetçi Ayse; Orhan Zeynep; Pehlivan Ilknur
Extraction of Semantic Word Relations in Turkish from Dictionary Definitions

W11-0904 [bib]: Anup Kolya; Dipankar Das; Asif Ekbal; Sivaji Bandyopadhyay
Identifying Event-Sentiment Association using Lexical Equivalence and Co-reference Approaches

W11-0905 [bib]: Bob Coyne; Daniel Bauer; Owen Rambow
VigNet: Grounding Language in Graphics using Frame Semantics

W11-0906 [bib]: Jinho D. Choi; Martha Palmer
Transition-based Semantic Role Labeling Using Predicate Argument Clustering

W11-0907 [bib]: Emily Jamison
Using Grammar Rule Clusters for Semantic Relation Classification

W11-0908 [bib]: Sara Tonelli; Rodolfo Delmonte
Desperately Seeking Implicit Arguments in Text

W11-0909 [bib]: Matthew Gerber; Joyce Chai; Robert Bart
A Joint Model of Implicit Arguments for Nominal Predicates

W11-0910 [bib]: Claire Bonial; Susan Windisch Brown; Jena D. Hwang; Christopher Parisien; Martha Palmer; Suzanne Stevenson
Incorporating Coercive Constructions into a Verb Lexicon

Proceedings of Fifth Workshop on Syntax, Semantics and Structure in Statistical Translation

W11-10 [bib]: Entire volume

W11-1000: Front Matter

W11-1001 [bib]: Daniele Pighin; Lluìs Màrquez
Automatic Projection of Semantic Structures: an Application to Pairwise Translation Ranking

W11-1002 [bib]: Chi-kiu Lo; Dekai Wu
Structured vs. Flat Semantic Role Representations for Machine Translation Evaluation

W11-1003 [bib]: Shumin Wu; Martha Palmer
Semantic Mapping Using Automatic Word Alignment and Semantic Role Labeling

W11-1004 [bib]: Jie Jiang; Jinhua Du; Andy Way
Incorporating Source-Language Paraphrases into Phrase-Based SMT with Confusion Networks

W11-1005 [bib]: Hwidong Na; Jong-Hyeok Lee
Multi-Word Unit Dependency Forest-based Translation Rule Extraction

W11-1006 [bib]: Els Lefever; Vèronique Hoste
An Evaluation and Possible Improvement Path for Current SMT Behavior on Ambiguous Nouns

W11-1007 [bib]: Bing Xiang; Niyu Ge; Abraham Ittycheriah
Improving Reordering for Statistical Machine Translation with Smoothed Priors and Syntactic Features

W11-1008 [bib]: Markus Saers; Dekai Wu
Reestimation of Reified Rules in Semiring Parsing and Biparsing

W11-1009 [bib]: Giuseppe Attardi; Atanas Chanev; Antonio Valerio Miceli Barone
A Dependency Based Statistical Translation Model

W11-1010 [bib]: Adam Meyers; Michiko Kosaka; Shasha Liao; Nianwen Xue
Improving MT Word Alignment Using Aligned Multi-Stage Parses

W11-1011 [bib]: Greg Hanneman; Alon Lavie
Automatic Category Label Coarsening for Syntax-Based Machine Translation

W11-1012 [bib]: Qin Gao; Stephan Vogel
Utilizing Target-Side Semantic Role Labels to Assist Hierarchical Phrase-based Machine Translation

W11-1013 [bib]: John McCrae; Mauricio Espinoza; Elena Montiel-Ponsoda; Guadalupe Aguado-de-Cea; Philipp Cimiano
Combining statistical and semantic approaches to the translation of ontologies and taxonomies

W11-1014 [bib]: Rafael E. Banchs; Marta R. Costa-jussa
A Semantic Feature for Statistical Machine Translation

W11-1015 [bib]: Greg Hanneman; Michelle Burroughs; Alon Lavie
A General-Purpose Rule Extractor for SCFG-Based Machine Translation

Proceedings of TextGraphs-6: Graph-based Methods for Natural Language Processing

W11-11 [bib]: Entire volume

W11-1100: Front Matter

W11-1101 [bib]: Dingcheng Li and Swapna Somasundaran and Amit Chakraborty
A Combination of Topic Models with Max-margin Learning for Relation Detection

W11-1102 [bib]: Xuchen Yao and Benjamin Van Durme
Nonparametric Bayesian Word Sense Induction

W11-1103 [bib]: Benoit Gaillard and Bruno Gaume and Emmanuel Navarro
Invariants and Variability of Synonymy Networks: Self Mediated Agreement by Confluence

W11-1104 [bib]: David Jurgens
Word Sense Induction by Community Detection

W11-1105 [bib]: Majid Yazdani and Andrei Popescu-Belis
Using a Wikipedia-based Semantic Relatedness Measure for Document Clustering

W11-1106 [bib]: Xavier Tannier and Javier Couto ClÉment de Groc
GrawlTCQ: Terminology and Corpora Building by Ranking Simultaneously Terms, Queries and Documents using Graph Random Walks

W11-1107 [bib]: Pradeep Muthukrishnan and Dragomir Radev and Qiaozhu Mei
Simultaneous Similarity Learning and Feature-Weight Learning for Document Clustering

W11-1108 [bib]: Mehdi Manshadi and James Allen
Unrestricted Quantifier Scope Disambiguation

W11-1109 [bib]: Anders Sgaard
From ranked words to dependency trees: two-stage unsupervised non-projective dependency parsing

Proceedings of the 4th Workshop on Building and Using Comparable Corpora: Comparable Corpora and the Web

W11-12 [bib]: Entire volume

W11-1200: Front Matter

W11-1201 [bib]: Kevin Knight
Putting a Value on Comparable Data

W11-1202 [bib]: Kevin Knight; Beáta Megyesi; Christiane Schaefer
The Copiale Cipher

W11-1203 [bib]: Daniel Andrade; Takuya Matsuzaki; Junichi Tsujii
Learning the Optimal Use of Dependency-parsing Information for Finding Translations with Comparable Corpora

W11-1204 [bib]: Darja Fišer; Nikola Ljubešić; Špela Vintar; Senja Pollak
Building and Using Comparable Corpora for Domain-Specific Bilingual Lexicon Extraction

W11-1205 [bib]: Emmanuel Morin; Emmanuel Prochasson
Bilingual Lexicon Extraction from Comparable Corpora Enhanced with Parallel Corpora

W11-1206 [bib]: Amir Hazem; Emmanuel Morin; Sebastian Peña Saldarriaga
Bilingual Lexicon Extraction from Comparable Corpora as Metasearch

W11-1207 [bib]: Souhir Gahbiche-Braham; Hèlène Bonneau-Maynard; François Yvon
Two Ways to Use a Noisy Parallel News Corpus for Improving Statistical Machine Translation

W11-1208 [bib]: Rui Wang; Chris Callison-Burch
Paraphrase Fragment Extraction from Monolingual Comparable Corpora

W11-1209 [bib]: Sanjika Hewavitharana; Stephan Vogel
Extracting Parallel Phrases from Comparable Data

W11-1210 [bib]: Vamshi Ambati; Sanjika Hewavitharana; Stephan Vogel; Jaime Carbonell
Active Learning with Multiple Annotations for Comparable Data Classification Task

W11-1211 [bib]: Bruno Cartoni; Sandrine Zufferey; Thomas Meyer; Andrei Popescu-Belis
How Comparable are Parallel Corpora? Measuring the Distribution of General Vocabulary and Connectives

W11-1212 [bib]: Alexandre Patry; Philippe Langlais
Identifying Parallel Documents from a Large Bilingual Collection of Texts: Application to Parallel Article Extraction in Wikipedia.

W11-1213 [bib]: Johanka Spoustová; Miroslav Spousta
Comparable Fora

W11-1214 [bib]: Anja Belz; Eric Kow
Unsupervised Alignment of Comparable Data and Text Resources

W11-1215 [bib]: Matthew Snover; Xiang Li; Wen-Pin Lin; Zheng Chen; Suzanne Tamang; Mingmin Ge; Adam Lee; Qi Li; Hao Li; Sam Anzaroot; Heng Ji
Cross-lingual Slot Filling from Comparable Corpora

W11-1216 [bib]: Steven Abney; Steven Bird
Towards a Data Model for the Universal Corpus

W11-1217 [bib]: Radu Ion; Alexandru Ceausu; Elena Irimia
An Expectation Maximization Algorithm for Textual Unit Alignment

W11-1218 [bib]: Alexandra Antonova; Alexey Misyurev
Building a Web-Based Parallel Corpus and Filtering Out Machine-Translated Text

W11-1219 [bib]: Rohit Bharadwaj G; Vasudeva Varma
Language-Independent Context Aware Query Translation using Wikipedia

Proceedings of the Workshop on Distributional Semantics and Compositionality

W11-13 [bib]: Entire volume

W11-1300: Front Matter

W11-1301 [bib]: Eva Maria Vecchi; Marco Baroni; Roberto Zamparelli
(Linear) Maps of the Impossible: Capturing Semantic Anomalies in Distributional Space

W11-1302 [bib]: Fabio Massimo Zanzotto; Lorenzo Dell'Arciprete
Distributed Structures and Distributional Meaning

W11-1303 [bib]: Tim Van de Cruys
Two Multivariate Generalizations of Pointwise Mutual Information

W11-1304 [bib]: Chris Biemann; Eugenie Giesbrecht
Distributional Semantics and Compositionality 2011: Shared Task Description and Results

W11-1305 [bib]: Anders Johannsen; Hector Martinez; Christian Rishøj; Anders Søgaard
Shared Task System Description: Frustratingly Hard Compositionality Prediction

W11-1306 [bib]: Ted Pedersen
Identifying Collocations to Measure Compositionality: Shared Task System Description

W11-1307 [bib]: Tanmoy Chakraborty; Santanu Pal; Tapabrata Mondal; Tanik Saikh; Sivaju Bandyopadhyay
Shared Task System Description: Measuring the Compositionality of Bigrams using Statistical Methodologies

W11-1308 [bib]: Guillermo Garrido; Anselmo Peñas
Detecting Compositionality Using Semantic Vector Space Models Based on Syntactic Context. Shared Task System Description

W11-1309 [bib]: Alfredo Maldonado-Guerra; Martin Emms
Measuring the Compositionality of Collocations via Word Co-occurrence Vectors: Shared Task System Description

W11-1310 [bib]: Siva Reddy; Diana McCarthy; Suresh Manandhar; Spandana Gella
Exemplar-Based Word-Space Model for Compositionality Detection: Shared Task System Description

Proceedings of the Sixth Workshop on Innovative Use of NLP for Building Educational Applications

W11-14 [bib]: Entire volume

W11-1400: Front Matter

W11-1401 [bib]: Manish Agarwal; Rakshit Shah; Prashanth Mannem
Automatic Question Generation using Discourse Cues

W11-1402 [bib]: Wenting Xiong; Diane Litman
Understanding Differences in Perceived Peer-Review Helpfulness using Natural Language Processing

W11-1403 [bib]: Mariët Theune; Roan Boer Rookhuiszen; Rieks op den Akker; Hanneke Geerlings
Generating Varied Narrative Probability Exercises

W11-1404 [bib]: Kevin Cook; Jeremiah McGhee; Deryle Lonsdale
Elicited Imitation for Prediction of OPI Test Scores

W11-1405 [bib]: Lei Chen; Su-Youn Yoon
Detecting Structural Events for Assessing Non-Native Speech

W11-1406 [bib]: Ryan Downey; David Rubin; Jian Cheng; Jared Bernstein
Performance of Automated Scoring for Children’s Oral Reading

W11-1407 [bib]: Manish Agarwal; Prashanth Mannem
Automatic Gap-fill Question Generation from Text Books

W11-1408 [bib]: Lin Chen; Barbara Di Eugenio; Davide Fossati; Stellan Ohlsson; David Cosejo
Exploring Effective Dialogue Act Sequences in One-on-one Computer Science Tutoring Dialogues

W11-1409 [bib]: Kevin Dela Rosa; Maxine Eskenazi
Effect of Word Complexity on L2 Vocabulary Learning

W11-1410 [bib]: Markus Dickinson; Ross Israel; Sun-Hee Lee
Developing Methodology for Korean Particle Error Detection

W11-1411 [bib]: Khairun-nisa Hassanali; Yang Liu
Measuring Language Development in Early Childhood Education: A Case Study of Grammar Checking in Child Language Transcripts

W11-1412 [bib]: Chung-chi Huang; Mei-hua Chen; Shih-ting Huang; Hsien-chin Liou; Jason S. Chang
GRASP: Grammar- and Syntax-based Pattern-Finder in CALL

W11-1413 [bib]: Jack Mostow; Weisi Duan
Generating Example Contexts to Illustrate a Target Word Sense

W11-1414 [bib]: Andrew Olney; Whitney Cade; Claire Williams
Generating Concept Map Exercises from Textbooks

W11-1415 [bib]: Philip van Oosten; Vèronique Hoste
Readability Annotation: Replacing the Expert by the Crowd

W11-1416 [bib]: Arthur Ward; Rebecca Crowley
Story Assembly in a Dyslexia Fluency Tutor

W11-1417 [bib]: Arthur Ward; Diane Litman; Maxine Eskenazi
Predicting Change in Student Motivation by Measuring Cohesion between Tutor and Student

W11-1418 [bib]: Beibei Yang; Jesse M. Heines
Using Semantic Distance to Automatically Suggest Transfer Course Equivalencies

W11-1419 [bib]: Su-Youn Yoon; Keelan Evanini; Klaus Zechner
Non-scorable Response Detection for Automated Speaking Proficiency Assessment

W11-1420 [bib]: Su-Youn Yoon; Derrick Higgins
Non-English Response Detection Method for Automated Proficiency Scoring System

W11-1421 [bib]: Randy West; Y. Albert Park; Roger Levy
Bilingual Random Walk Models for Automated Grammar Correction of ESL Author-Produced Text

W11-1422 [bib]: Michael Gamon
High-Order Sequence Modeling for Language Learner Error Detection

Proceedings of the 5th ACL-HLT Workshop on Language Technology for Cultural Heritage, Social Sciences, and Humanities

W11-15 [bib]: Entire volume

W11-1500: Front Matter

W11-1501 [bib]: Cristina Sánchez-Marco; Gemma Boleda; Lluìs Padró
Extending the tool, or how to annotate historical language varieties

W11-1502 [bib]: Jirka Hana; Anna Feldman; Katsiaryna Aharodnik
A low-budget tagger for Old Czech

W11-1503 [bib]: Silke Scheible; Richard J. Whitt; Martin Durrell; Paul Bennett
Evaluating an 'off-the-shelf' POS-tagger on Early Modern German text

W11-1504 [bib]: Dorothee Beermann; Pavel Mihaylov
e-Research for Linguists

W11-1505 [bib]: Tomaž Erjavec
Automatic linguistic annotation of historical language: ToTrTaLe and XIX century Slovene

W11-1506 [bib]: Agata Katarzyna Cybulska; Piek Vossen
Historical Event Extraction from Text

W11-1507 [bib]: Kalliopi Zervanou; Ioannis Korkontzelos; Antal van den Bosch; Sophia Ananiadou
Enrichment and Structuring of Archival Description Metadata

W11-1508 [bib]: Massimo Poesio; Eduard Barbu; Egon Stemle; Christian Girardi
Structure-Preserving Pipelines for Digital Libraries

W11-1509 [bib]: Charles Hollingsworth; Stefaan Van Liefferinge; Rebecca A. Smith; Michael A. Covington; Walter D. Potter
The ARC Project: Creating logical models of Gothic cathedrals using natural language processing

W11-1510 [bib]: Asad Sayeed; Bryan Rusk; Martin Petrov; Hieu Nguyen; Timothy Meyer; Amy Weinberg
Crowdsourcing syntactic relatedness judgements for opinion mining in the study of information technology adoption

W11-1511 [bib]: Sravana Reddy; Kevin Knight
What We Know About The Voynich Manuscript

W11-1512 [bib]: Eva Pettersson; Joakim Nivre
Automatic Verb Extraction from Historical Swedish Texts

W11-1513 [bib]: Tze-I Yang; Andrew Torget; Rada Mihalcea
Topic Modeling on Historical Newspapers

W11-1514 [bib]: Saif Mohammad
From Once Upon a Time to Happily Ever After: Tracking Emotions in Novels and Fairy Tales

W11-1515 [bib]: Dong Nguyen; Noah A. Smith; Carolyn P. Rosè
Author Age Prediction from Text using Linear Regression

W11-1516 [bib]: Nikhil Johri; Daniel Ramage; Daniel McFarland; Daniel Jurafsky
A Study of Academic Collaborations in Computational Linguistics using a Latent Mixture of Authors Model

Proceedings of the Workshop on Monolingual Text-To-Text Generation

W11-16 [bib]: Entire volume

W11-1600: Front Matter

W11-1601 [bib]: Will Coster; David Kauchak
Learning to Simplify Sentences Using Wikipedia

W11-1602 [bib]: Houda Bouamor; Aurèlien Max; Gabriel Illouz; Anne Vilnat
Web-based Validation for Contextual Targeted Paraphrasing

W11-1603 [bib]: Stefan Bott; Horacio Saggion
An Unsupervised Alignment Algorithm for Text Simplification Corpus Construction

W11-1604 [bib]: Sander Wubben; Erwin Marsi; Antal van den Bosch; Emiel Krahmer
Comparing Phrase-based and Syntax-based Paraphrase Generation

W11-1605 [bib]: Annie Louis; Ani Nenkova
Text Specificity and Impact on Quality of News Summaries

W11-1606 [bib]: Kapil Thadani; Kathleen McKeown
Towards Strict Sentence Intersection: Decoding and Evaluation Strategies

W11-1607 [bib]: Micha Elsner; Deepak Santhanam
Learning to Fuse Disparate Sentences

W11-1608 [bib]: Pierre-Etienne Genest; Guy Lapalme
Framework for Abstractive Summarization using Text-to-Text Generation

W11-1609 [bib]: Scott Martin; Michael White
Creating Disjunctive Logical Forms from Aligned Sentences for Grammar-Based Paraphrase Generation

W11-1610 [bib]: Courtney Napoles; Chris Callison-Burch; Juri Ganitkevitch; Benjamin Van Durme
Paraphrastic Sentence Compression with a Character-based Metric: Tightening without Deletion

W11-1611 [bib]: Courtney Napoles; Benjamin Van Durme; Chris Callison-Burch
Evaluating Sentence Compression: Pitfalls and Suggested Remedies

Proceedings of the 2nd Workshop on Computational Approaches to Subjectivity and Sentiment Analysis (WASSA 2.011)

W11-17 [bib]: Entire volume

W11-1700: Front Matter

W11-1701 [bib]: Pranav Anand; Marilyn Walker; Rob Abbott; Jean E. Fox Tree; Robeson Bowmani; Michael Minor
Cats Rule and Dogs Drool!: Classifying Stance in Online Debate

W11-1702 [bib]: Isa Maks; Piek Vossen
A verb lexicon model for deep sentiment analysis and opinion mining applications

W11-1703 [bib]: Dan Tufis; Dan Stefanescu
Experiments with a Differential Semantics Annotation for WordNet 3.0

W11-1704 [bib]: Josef Steinberger; Polina Lenkova; Mohamed Ebrahim; Maud Ehrman; Ali Hurriyetoglu; Mijail Kabadjov; Ralf Steinberger; Hristo Tanev; Vanni Zavarella; Silvia Vazquez
Creating Sentiment Dictionaries via Triangulation

W11-1705 [bib]: Amit Goyal; Hal Daume
Generating Semantic Orientation Lexicon using Large Data and Thesaurus

W11-1706 [bib]: Daoud Clarke; Peter Lane; Paul Hender
Developing Robust Models for Favourability Analysis

W11-1707 [bib]: Alexandra Balahur; Jesús M. Hermida; Andrès Montoyo
Detecting Implicit Expressions of Sentiment in Text Based on Commonsense Knowledge

W11-1708 [bib]: Matje van de Camp; Antal van den Bosch
A Link to the Past: Constructing Historical Social Networks

W11-1709 [bib]: Saif Mohammad; Tony Yang
Tracking Sentiment in Mail: How Genders Differ on Emotional Axes

W11-1710 [bib]: Yoshimitsu Torii; Dipankar Das; Sivaji Bandyopadhyay; Manabu Okumura
Developing Japanese WordNet Affect for Analyzing Emotions

W11-1711 [bib]: Tadahiko Kumamoto; Yukiko Kawai; Katsumi Tanaka
Improving a Method for Quantifying Readers' Impressions of News Articles with a Regression Equation

W11-1712 [bib]: Adnan Duric; Fei Song
Feature Selection for Sentiment Analysis Based on Content and Syntax Models

W11-1713 [bib]: Frederik Vaassen; Walter Daelemans
Automatic Emotion Classification for Interpersonal Communication

W11-1714 [bib]: Maria Tchalakova; Dale Gerdemann; Detmar Meurers
Automatic Sentiment Classification of Product Reviews Using Maximal Phrases Based Analysis

W11-1715 [bib]: Antonio Reyes; Paolo Rosso
Mining Subjective Knowledge from Customer Reviews: A Specific Case of Irony Detection

W11-1716 [bib]: Fermìn L. Cruz; Josè A. Troyano; F. Javier Ortega; Fernando Enrìquez
Automatic Expansion of Feature-Level Opinion Lexicons

W11-1717 [bib]: Balamurali AR; Aditya Joshi; Pushpak Bhattacharyya
Robust Sense-based Sentiment Classification

W11-1718 [bib]: Yoan Gutièrrez; Sonia Vázquez; Andrès Montoyo
Sentiment Classification Using Semantic Features Extracted from WordNet-based Resources

W11-1719 [bib]: Fernando Perez-Tellez; David Pinto; John Cardiff; Paolo Rosso
On the Difficulty of Clustering Microblog Texts for Online Reputation Management

W11-1720 [bib]: Irene Russo; Tommaso Caselli; Francesco Rubino; Ester Boldrini; Patricio Martìnez-Barco
EMOCause: An Easy-adaptable Approach to Extract Emotion Cause Contexts

W11-1721 [bib]: Dong Wang; Yang Liu
A Cross-corpus Study of Unsupervised Subjectivity Identification based on Calibrated EM

W11-1722 [bib]: Elena Lloret; Alexandra Balahur; Manuel Palomar; Andrès Montoyo
Towards a Unified Approach for Opinion Question Answering and Summarization

W11-1723 [bib]: Syed Aqueel Haider; Rishabh Mehrotra
Corporate News Classification and Valence Prediction: A Supervised Approach

W11-1724 [bib]: Ruifeng Xu; Jun Xu; Xiaolong Wang
Instance Level Transfer Learning for Cross Lingual Opinion Analysis

W11-1725 [bib]: Alexandru-Lucian Ginsca; Emanuela Boros; Adrian Iftene; Diana Trandabat; Mihai Toader; Marius Corici; Cenel-Augusto Perez; Dan Cristea
Sentimatrix – Multilingual Sentiment Analysis Service

Proceedings of BioNLP Shared Task 2011 Workshop

W11-18 [bib]: Entire volume

W11-1800: Front Matter

W11-1801 [bib]: Jin-Dong Kim; Sampo Pyysalo; Tomoko Ohta; Robert Bossy; Ngan Nguyen; Jun'ichi Tsujii
Overview of BioNLP Shared Task 2011

W11-1802 [bib]: Jin-Dong Kim; Yue Wang; Toshihisa Takagi; Akinori Yonezawa
Overview of Genia Event Task in BioNLP Shared Task 2011

W11-1803 [bib]: Tomoko Ohta; Sampo Pyysalo; Jun'ichi Tsujii
Overview of the Epigenetics and Post-translational Modifications (EPI) task of BioNLP Shared Task 2011

W11-1804 [bib]: Sampo Pyysalo; Tomoko Ohta; Rafal Rak; Dan Sullivan; Chunhong Mao; Chunxia Wang; Bruno Sobral; Jun'ichi Tsujii; Sophia Ananiadou
Overview of the Infectious Diseases (ID) task of BioNLP Shared Task 2011

W11-1805 [bib]: Andreas Vlachos; Mark Craven
Biomedical Event Extraction from Abstracts and Full Papers using Search-based Structured Prediction

W11-1806 [bib]: David McClosky; Mihai Surdeanu; Christopher Manning
Event Extraction as Dependency Parsing for BioNLP 2011

W11-1807 [bib]: Sebastian Riedel; Andrew McCallum
Robust Biomedical Event Extraction with Dual Decomposition and Minimal Domain Adaptation

W11-1808 [bib]: Sebastian Riedel; David McClosky; Mihai Surdeanu; Andrew McCallum; Christopher D. Manning
Model Combination for Event Extraction in BioNLP 2011

W11-1809 [bib]: Robert Bossy; Julien Jourde; Philippe Bessières; Maarten van de Guchte; Claire Nèdellec
BioNLP Shared Task 2011 - Bacteria Biotope

W11-1810 [bib]: Julien Jourde; Alain-Pierre Manine; Philippe Veber; Karën Fort; Robert Bossy; Erick Alphonse; Philippe Bessières
BioNLP Shared Task 2011 – Bacteria Gene Interactions and Renaming

W11-1811 [bib]: Ngan Nguyen; Jin-Dong Kim; Jun'ichi Tsujii
Overview of BioNLP 2011 Protein Coreference Shared Task

W11-1812 [bib]: Sampo Pyysalo; Tomoko Ohta; Jun'ichi Tsujii
Overview of the Entity Relations (REL) supporting task of BioNLP Shared Task 2011

W11-1813 [bib]: Youngjun Kim; Ellen Riloff; Nathan Gilbert
The Taming of Reconcile as a Biomedical Coreference Resolver

W11-1814 [bib]: Nhung T. H. Nguyen; Yoshimasa Tsuruoka
Extracting Bacteria Biotopes with Semi-supervised Named Entity Recognition and Coreference Resolution

W11-1815 [bib]: Zorana Ratkovic; Wiktoria Golik; Pierre Warnier; Philippe Veber; Claire Nèdellec
BioNLP 2011 Task Bacteria Biotope – The Alvis system

W11-1816 [bib]: Pontus Stenetorp; Goran Topić; Sampo Pyysalo; Tomoko Ohta; Jin-Dong Kim; Jun'ichi Tsujii
BioNLP Shared Task 2011: Supporting Resources

W11-1817 [bib]: Pierre Warnier; Claire Nèdellec
Sentence Filtering for BioNLP: Searching for Renaming Acts

W11-1818 [bib]: Liam R. McGrath; Kelly Domico; Courtney D. Corley; Bobbie-Jo Webb-Robertson
Complex Biological Event Extraction from Full Text using Signatures of Linguistic and Semantic Features

W11-1819 [bib]: Arantza Casillas; Arantza Dìaz de Ilarraza; Koldo Gojenola; Maite Oronoz; German Rigau
Using Kybots for Extracting Events in Biomedical Texts

W11-1820 [bib]: Quoc-Chinh Bui; Peter. M.A. Sloot
Extracting Biological Events from Text Using Simple Syntactic Patterns

W11-1821 [bib]: Sofie Van Landeghem; Thomas Abeel; Bernard De Baets; Yves Van de Peer
Detecting Entity Relations as a Supporting Task for Bio-Molecular Event Extraction

W11-1822 [bib]: Quang Le Minh; Son Nguyen Truong; Quoc Ho Bao
A Pattern Approach for Biomedical Event Annotation

W11-1823 [bib]: Don Tuggener; Manfred Klenner; Gerold Schneider; Simon Clematide; Fabio Rinaldi
An Incremental Model for the Coreference Resolution Task of BioNLP 2011

W11-1824 [bib]: Ehsan Emadzadeh; Azadeh Nikfarjam; Graciela Gonzalez
Double Layered Learning for Biological Event Extraction from Text

W11-1825 [bib]: Chris Quirk; Pallavi Choudhury; Michael Gamon; Lucy Vanderwende
MSR-NLP Entry in BioNLP Shared Task 2011

W11-1826 [bib]: Haibin Liu; Ravikumar Komandur; Karin Verspoor
From Graphs to Events: A Subgraph Matching Approach for Information Extraction from Biomedical Text

W11-1827 [bib]: Halil Kilicoglu; Sabine Bergler
Adapting a General Semantic Interpretation Approach to Biological Event Extraction

W11-1828 [bib]: Jari Björne; Tapio Salakoski
Generalizing Biomedical Event Extraction

Proceedings of the Fifteenth Conference on Computational Natural Language Learning: Shared Task

W11-19 [bib]: Entire volume

W11-1900: Front Matter

W11-1901 [bib]: Sameer Pradhan; Lance Ramshaw; Mitchell Marcus; Martha Palmer; Ralph Weischedel; Nianwen Xue
CoNLL-2011 Shared Task: Modeling Unrestricted Coreference in OntoNotes

W11-1902 [bib]: Heeyoung Lee; Yves Peirsman; Angel Chang; Nathanael Chambers; Mihai Surdeanu; Dan Jurafsky
Stanford’s Multi-Pass Sieve Coreference Resolution System at the CoNLL-2011 Shared Task

W11-1903 [bib]: Emili Sapena; Lluìs Padró; Jordi Turmo
RelaxCor Participation in CoNLL Shared Task on Coreference Resolution

W11-1904 [bib]: Kai-Wei Chang; Rajhans Samdani; Alla Rozovskaya; Nick Rizzolo; Mark Sammons; Dan Roth
Inference Protocols for Coreference Resolution

W11-1905 [bib]: Anders Björkelund; Pierre Nugues
Exploring Lexicalized Features for Coreference Resolution

W11-1906 [bib]: Cicero Nogueira dos Santos; Davi Lopes Carvalho
Rule and Tree Ensembles for Unrestricted Coreference Resolution

W11-1907 [bib]: Jie Cai; Eva Mujdricza-Maydt; Michael Strube
Unrestricted Coreference Resolution via Global Hypergraph Partitioning

W11-1908 [bib]: Olga Uryupina; Sriparna Saha; Asif Ekbal; Massimo Poesio
Multi-metric optimization for coreference: The UniTN / IITP / Essex submission to the 2011 CONLL Shared Task

W11-1909 [bib]: Huiwei Zhou; Yao Li; Degen Huang; Yan Zhang; Chunlong Wu; Yuansheng Yang
Combining Syntactic and Semantic Features by SVM for Unrestricted Coreference Resolution

W11-1910 [bib]: Hamidreza Kobdani; Hinrich Schuetze
Supervised Coreference Resolution with SUCRE

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ETS: An Error Tolerable System for Coreference Resolution

W11-1912 [bib]: Manfred Klenner; Don Tuggener
An Incremental Model for Coreference Resolution with Restrictive Antecedent Accessibility

W11-1913 [bib]: Joseph Irwin; Mamoru Komachi; Yuji Matsumoto
Narrative Schema as World Knowledge for Coreference Resolution

W11-1914 [bib]: Sobha Lalitha Devi; Pattabhi Rao; Vijay Sundar Ram R; M. C S; A. A
Hybrid Approach for Coreference Resolution

W11-1915 [bib]: Eric Charton; Michel Gagnon
Poly-co: a multilayer perceptron approach for coreference detection

W11-1916 [bib]: Jonathan K Kummerfeld; Mohit Bansal; David Burkett; Dan Klein
Mention Detection: Heuristics for the OntoNotes annotations

W11-1917 [bib]: Xinxin Li; Xuan Wang; Shuhan Qi
Coreference Resolution with Loose Transitivity Constraints

W11-1918 [bib]: Desislava Zhekova; Sandra Kübler
UBIU: A Robust System for Resolving Unrestricted Coreference

W11-1919 [bib]: Yaqin Yang; Nianwen Xue; Peter Anick
A Machine Learning-Based Coreference Detection System for OntoNotes

W11-1920 [bib]: Veselin Stoyanov; Uday Babbar; Pracheer Gupta; Claire Cardie
Reconciling OntoNotes: Unrestricted Coreference Resolution in OntoNotes with Reconcile.

W11-1921 [bib]: Weipeng Chen; Muyu Zhang; Bing Qin
Coreference Resolution System using Maximum Entropy Classifier

W11-1922 [bib]: Yang Song; Houfeng Wang; Jing Jiang
Link Type Based Pre-Cluster Pair Model for Coreference Resolution

Proceedings of the SIGDIAL 2011 Conference

W11-20 [bib]: Entire volume

W11-2000: Front Matter

W11-2001 [bib]: Alex Lascarides
Strategic Conversation

W11-2002 [bib]: Alan W Black; Susanne Burger; Alistair Conkie; Helen Hastie; Simon Keizer; Oliver Lemon; Nicolas Merigaud; Gabriel Parent; Gabriel Schubiner; Blaise Thomson; Jason D. Williams; Kai Yu; Steve Young; Maxine Eskenazi
Spoken Dialog Challenge 2010: Comparison of Live and Control Test Results

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Which System Differences Matter? Using L1/L2 Regularization to Compare Dialogue Systems

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A Two-Stage Domain Selection Framework for Extensible Multi-Domain Spoken Dialogue Systems

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A Comparison of Latent Variable Models For Conversation Analysis

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Toward Learning and Evaluation of Dialogue Policies with Text Examples

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The Impact of Task-Oriented Feature Sets on HMMs for Dialogue Modeling

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Spoken Dialogue System based on Information Extraction using Similarity of Predicate Argument Structures

W11-2009 [bib]: Michael K. Tanenhaus
Common Ground and Perspective-taking in Real-time Language Processing

W11-2010 [bib]: Luciana Benotti; Alexandre Denis
Giving instructions in virtual environments by corpus based selection

W11-2011 [bib]: Nina Dethlefs; Heriberto Cuayáhuitl; Jette Viethen
Optimising Natural Language Generation Decision Making For Situated Dialogue

W11-2012 [bib]: Kirsten Bergmann; Hannes Rieser; Stefan Kopp
Regulating Dialogue with Gestures - Towards an Empirically Grounded Simulation with Conversational Agents

W11-2013 [bib]: Dan Bohus; Eric Horvitz
Multiparty Turn Taking in Situated Dialog: Study, Lessons, and Directions

W11-2014 [bib]: Ethan Selfridge; Iker Arizmendi; Peter Heeman; Jason Williams
Stability and Accuracy in Incremental Speech Recognition

W11-2015 [bib]: Timo Baumann; David Schlangen
Predicting the Micro-Timing of User Input for an Incremental Spoken Dialogue System that Completes a User's Ongoing Turn

W11-2016 [bib]: Jason Williams
An Empirical Evaluation of a Statistical Dialog System in Public Use

W11-2017 [bib]: Srinivasan Janarthanam; Helen Hastie; Oliver Lemon; Xingkun Liu
"The day after the day after tomorrow?" A machine learning approach to adaptive temporal expression generation: training and evaluation with real users

W11-2018 [bib]: William Yang Wang; Julia Hirschberg
Detecting Levels of Interest from Spoken Dialog with Multistream Prediction Feedback and Similarity Based Hierarchical Fusion Learning

W11-2019 [bib]: Myroslava O. Dzikovska; Johanna D. Moore; Natalie Steinhauser; Gwendolyn Campbell
Exploring User Satisfaction in a Tutorial Dialogue System

W11-2020 [bib]: Alexander Schmitt; Benjamin Schatz; Wolfgang Minker
Modeling and Predicting Quality in Spoken Human-Computer Interaction

W11-2021 [bib]: Ute Winter; Roni Ben-Aharon; Daniel Chernobrov; Ron Hecht
Topics as Contextual Indicators for Word Choice in SMS Conversations

W11-2022 [bib]: Thomas Meyer; Andrei Popescu-Belis; Sandrine Zufferey; Bruno Cartoni
Multilingual Annotation and Disambiguation of Discourse Connectives for Machine Translation

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Commitments to Preferences in Dialogue

W11-2024 [bib]: Kate Forbes-Riley; Diane Litman
Using Performance Trajectories to Analyze the Immediate Impact of User State Misclassification in an Adaptive Spoken Dialogue System

W11-2025 [bib]: Rohit Kumar; Carolyn Rosé
Comparing Triggering Policies for Social Behaviors

W11-2026 [bib]: Gordon Briggs; Matthias Scheutz
Facilitating Mental Modeling in Collaborative Human-Robot Interaction through Adverbial Cues

W11-2027 [bib]: Rebecca J. Passonneau; Susan L. Epstein; Tiziana Ligorio; Joshua Gordon
Embedded Wizardry

W11-2028 [bib]: Teruhisa Misu; Etsuo Mizukami; Yoshinori Shiga; Shinichi Kawamoto; Hisashi Kawai; Satoshi Nakamura
Toward Construction of Spoken Dialogue System that Evokes Users' Spontaneous Backchannels

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Learning to Balance Grounding Rationales for Dialogue Systems

W11-2030 [bib]: Kallirroi Georgila; Ron Artstein; Angela Nazarian; Michael Rushforth; David Traum; Katia Sycara
An Annotation Scheme for Cross-Cultural Argumentation and Persuasion Dialogues

W11-2031 [bib]: Eliza Margaretha; David DeVault
An Approach to the Automated Evaluation of Pipeline Architectures in Natural Language Dialogue Systems

W11-2032 [bib]: Maxim Makatchev; Reid Simmons
Perception of Personality and Naturalness through Dialogues by Native Speakers of American English and Arabic

W11-2033 [bib]: Pierre Lison
Multi-Policy Dialogue Management

W11-2034 [bib]: Meghann Lomas; Ernest Cross; Jonathan Darvill; Robert Garrett; Michael Kopack; Kenneth Whitebread
A Robotic World Model Framework Designed to Facilitate Human-robot Communication

W11-2035 [bib]: Lin Chen; Anruo Wang; Barbara Di Eugenio
Improving Pronominal and Deictic Co-Reference Resolution with Multi-Modal Features

W11-2036 [bib]: Joanna Drummond; Diane Litman
Examining the Impacts of Dialogue Content and System Automation on Affect Models in a Spoken Tutorial Dialogue System

W11-2037 [bib]: Ron Artstein
Error Return Plots

W11-2038 [bib]: Rebecca J. Passonneau; Irene Alvarado; Phil Crone; Simon Jerome
PARADISE-style Evaluation of a Human-Human Library Corpus

W11-2039 [bib]: Lina Maria Rojas-Barahona; Matthieu Quignard
An Incremental Architecture for the Semantic Annotation of Dialogue Corpora with High-Level Structures. A case of study for the MEDIA corpus.

W11-2040 [bib]: Svetlana Stoyanchev; Paul Piwek
The CODA System for Monologue-to-Dialogue Generation

W11-2041 [bib]: Myroslava Dzikovska; Amy Isard; Peter Bell; Johanna Moore; Natalie Steinhauser; Gwendolyn Campbell
Beetle II: an adaptable tutorial dialogue system

W11-2042 [bib]: David Klotz; Johannes Wienke; Julia Peltason; Britta Wrede; Sebastian Wrede; Vasil Khalidov; Jean-Marc Odobez
Engagement-based Multi-party Dialog with a Humanoid Robot

W11-2043 [bib]: Hyungjong Noh; Kyusong Lee; Sungjin Lee; Gary Geunbae Lee
POMY: A Conversational Virtual Environment for Language Learning in POSTECH

W11-2044 [bib]: Sudeep Gandhe; Alysa Taylor; Jillian Gerten; David Traum
Rapid Development of Advanced Question-Answering Characters by Non-experts

W11-2045 [bib]: Andrei Popescu-Belis; Majid Yazdani; Alexandre Nanchen; Philip N. Garner
A Just-in-Time Document Retrieval System for Dialogues or Monologues

Proceedings of the Sixth Workshop on Statistical Machine Translation

W11-21 [bib]: Entire volume

W11-2100: Front Matter

W11-2101 [bib]: Ondrej Bojar; Miloš Ercegovčević; Martin Popel; Omar Zaidan
A Grain of Salt for the WMT Manual Evaluation

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A Lightweight Evaluation Framework for Machine Translation Reordering

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Findings of the 2011 Workshop on Statistical Machine Translation

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Evaluate with Confidence Estimation: Machine ranking of translation outputs using grammatical features

W11-2105 [bib]: Boxing Chen; Roland Kuhn
AMBER: A Modified BLEU, Enhanced Ranking Metric

W11-2106 [bib]: Daniel Dahlmeier; Chang Liu; Hwee Tou Ng
TESLA at WMT 2011: Translation Evaluation and Tunable Metric

W11-2107 [bib]: Michael Denkowski; Alon Lavie
Meteor 1.3: Automatic Metric for Reliable Optimization and Evaluation of Machine Translation Systems

W11-2108 [bib]: Matouš Macháček; Ondrej Bojar
Approximating a Deep-Syntactic Metric for MT Evaluation and Tuning

W11-2109 [bib]: Maja Popović; David Vilar; Eleftherios Avramidis; Aljoscha Burchardt
Evaluation without references: IBM1 scores as evaluation metrics

W11-2110 [bib]: Maja Popović
Morphemes and POS tags for n-gram based evaluation metrics

W11-2111 [bib]: Kristen Parton; Joel Tetreault; Nitin Madnani; Martin Chodorow
E-rating Machine Translation

W11-2112 [bib]: Miguel Rios; Wilker Aziz; Lucia Specia
TINE: A Metric to Assess MT Adequacy

W11-2113 [bib]: Xingyi Song; Trevor Cohn
Regression and Ranking based Optimisation for Sentence Level MT Evaluation

W11-2114 [bib]: Omar Zaidan
MAISE: A Flexible, Configurable, Extensible Open Source Package for Mass AI System Evaluation

W11-2115 [bib]: Loïc Barrault
MANY improvements for WMT'11

W11-2116 [bib]: Jesús González-Rubio; Francisco Casacuberta
The UPV-PRHLT combination system for WMT 2011

W11-2117 [bib]: Kenneth Heafield; Alon Lavie
CMU System Combination in WMT 2011

W11-2118 [bib]: Gregor Leusch; Markus Freitag; Hermann Ney
The RWTH System Combination System for WMT 2011

W11-2119 [bib]: Antti-Veikko Rosti; Bing Zhang; Spyros Matsoukas; Richard Schwartz
Expected BLEU Training for Graphs: BBN System Description for WMT11 System Combination Task

W11-2120 [bib]: Rico Sennrich
The UZH System Combination System for WMT 2011

W11-2121 [bib]: Daguang Xu; Yuan Cao; Damianos Karakos
Description of the JHU System Combination Scheme for WMT 2011

W11-2122 [bib]: Abby Levenberg; Miles Osborne; David Matthews
Multiple-stream Language Models for Statistical Machine Translation

W11-2123 [bib]: Kenneth Heafield
KenLM: Faster and Smaller Language Model Queries

W11-2124 [bib]: Jan Niehues; Teresa Herrmann; Stephan Vogel; Alex Waibel
Wider Context by Using Bilingual Language Models in Machine Translation

W11-2125 [bib]: Kriste Krstovski; David A. Smith
A Minimally Supervised Approach for Detecting and Ranking Document Translation Pairs

W11-2126 [bib]: Philip Williams; Philipp Koehn
Agreement Constraints for Statistical Machine Translation into German

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Fuzzy Syntactic Reordering for Phrase-based Statistical Machine Translation

W11-2128 [bib]: Yuval Marton; Ahmed El Kholy; Nizar Habash
Filtering Antonymous, Trend-Contrasting, and Polarity-Dissimilar Distributional Paraphrases for Improving Statistical Machine Translation

W11-2129 [bib]: Sara Stymne; Nicola Cancedda
Productive Generation of Compound Words in Statistical Machine Translation

W11-2130 [bib]: Barry Haddow; Abhishek Arun; Philipp Koehn
SampleRank Training for Phrase-Based Machine Translation

W11-2131 [bib]: Ergun Bicici; Deniz Yuret
Instance Selection for Machine Translation using Feature Decay Algorithms

W11-2132 [bib]: Patrik Lambert; Holger Schwenk; Christophe Servan; Sadaf Abdul-Rauf
Investigations on Translation Model Adaptation Using Monolingual Data

W11-2133 [bib]: Nick Ruiz; Marcello Federico
Topic Adaptation for Lecture Translation through Bilingual Latent Semantic Models

W11-2134 [bib]: Vera Aleksic; Gregor Thurmair
Personal Translator at WMT2011

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W11-2136 [bib]: Wilker Aziz; Miguel Rios; Lucia Specia
Shallow Semantic Trees for SMT

W11-2137 [bib]: Ergun Bicici; Deniz Yuret
RegMT System for Machine Translation, System Combination, and Evaluation

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Improving Translation Model by Monolingual Data

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The CMU-ARK German-English Translation System

W11-2140 [bib]: Vladimir Eidelman; Kristy Hollingshead; Philip Resnik
Noisy SMS Machine Translation in Low-Density Languages

W11-2141 [bib]: Christian Federmann; Sabine Hunsicker
Stochastic Parse Tree Selection for an Existing RBMT System

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Joint WMT Submission of the QUAERO Project

W11-2143 [bib]: Greg Hanneman; Alon Lavie
CMU Syntax-Based Machine Translation at WMT 2011

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The Uppsala-FBK systems at WMT 2011

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The Karlsruhe Institute of Technology Translation Systems for the WMT 2011

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CMU Haitian Creole-English Translation System for WMT 2011

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Experiments with word alignment, normalization and clause reordering for SMT between English and German

W11-2148 [bib]: Chang Hu; Philip Resnik; Yakov Kronrod; Vladimir Eidelman; Olivia Buzek; Benjamin B. Bederson
The Value of Monolingual Crowdsourcing in a Real-World Translation Scenario: Simulation using Haitian Creole Emergency SMS Messages

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The RWTH Aachen Machine Translation System for WMT 2011

W11-2150 [bib]: Maxim Khalilov; Khalil Sima’an
ILLC-UvA translation system for EMNLP-WMT 2011

W11-2151 [bib]: Verónica López-Ludeña; Rubén San-Segundo
UPM system for the translation task

W11-2152 [bib]: David Mareček; Rudolf Rosa; Petra Galuščáková; Ondrej Bojar
Two-step translation with grammatical post-processing

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Influence of Parser Choice on Dependency-Based MT

W11-2154 [bib]: Marion Potet; Raphaël Rubino; Benjamin Lecouteux; Stéphane Huet; Laurent Besacier; Hervé Blanchon; Fabrice Lefèvre
The LIGA (LIG/LIA) Machine Translation System for WMT 2011

W11-2155 [bib]: Christian Rishj; Anders Sgaard
Factored Translation with Unsupervised Word Clusters

W11-2156 [bib]: Marta R. Costa-jussà; Rafael E. Banchs
The BM-I2R Haitian-Créole-to-English translation system description for the WMT 2011 evaluation campaign

W11-2157 [bib]: Víctor M. Sánchez-Cartagena; Felipe Sánchez-Martínez; Juan Antonio Pérez-Ortiz
The Universitat d'Alacant hybrid machine translation system for WMT 2011

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LIUM’s SMT Machine Translation Systems for WMT 2011

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Spell Checking Techniques for Replacement of Unknown Words and Data Cleaning for Haitian Creole SMS Translation

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Joshua 3.0: Syntax-based Machine Translation with the Thrax Grammar Extractor

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DFKI Hybrid Machine Translation System for WMT 2011 - On the Integration of SMT and RBMT

W11-2162 [bib]: Francisco Zamora-Martinez; Maria Jose Castro-Bleda
CEU-UPV English-Spanish system for WMT11

W11-2163 [bib]: Daniel Zeman
Hierarchical Phrase-Based MT at the Charles University for the WMT 2011 Shared Task

W11-2164 [bib]: William Lewis; Robert Munro; Stephan Vogel
Crisis MT: Developing A Cookbook for MT in Crisis Situations

W11-2165 [bib]: Kevin Gimpel; Noah A. Smith
Generative Models of Monolingual and Bilingual Gappy Patterns

W11-2166 [bib]: Mark Hopkins; Greg Langmead; Tai Vo
Extraction Programs: A Unified Approach to Translation Rule Extraction

W11-2167 [bib]: Baskaran Sankaran; Gholamreza Haffari; Anoop Sarkar
Bayesian Extraction of Minimal SCFG Rules for Hierarchical Phrase-based Translation

W11-2168 [bib]: Thomas Lavergne; Alexandre Allauzen; Josep Maria Crego; François Yvon
From n-gram-based to CRF-based Translation Models

Proceedings of the First workshop on Unsupervised Learning in NLP

W11-22 [bib]: Entire volume

W11-2200: Front Matter

W11-2201 [bib]: Sharon Goldwater
Unsupervised NLP and Human Language Acquisition: Making Connections to Make Progress

W11-2202 [bib]: Jacob Eisenstein; Tae Yano; William Cohen; Noah Smith; Eric Xing
Structured Databases of Named Entities from Bayesian Nonparametrics

W11-2203 [bib]: Marianna Apidianaki
Unsupervised Cross-Lingual Lexical Substitution

W11-2204 [bib]: Christoph Teichmann
Reducing the Size of the Representation for the uDOP-Estimate

W11-2205 [bib]: Andreas Vlachos
Evaluating unsupervised learning for natural language processing tasks

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Unsupervised Language-Independent Name Translation Mining from Wikipedia Infoboxes

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Twitter Polarity Classification with Label Propagation over Lexical Links and the Follower Graph

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Unsupervised Bilingual POS Tagging with Markov Random Fields

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Unsupervised Concept Annotation using Latent Dirichlet Allocation and Segmental Methods

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Unsupervised Mining of Lexical Variants from Noisy Text

W11-2211 [bib]: Matthias Huck; David Vilar; Daniel Stein; Hermann Ney
Lightly-Supervised Training for Hierarchical Phrase-Based Machine Translation

W11-2212 [bib]: Stéphane Huet; Fabrice Lefèvre
Unsupervised Alignment for Segmental-based Language Understanding

W11-2213 [bib]: Zornitsa Kozareva; Sujith Ravi
Unsupervised Name Ambiguity Resolution Using A Generative Model

W11-2214 [bib]: David Jurgens; Keith Stevens
Measuring the Impact of Sense Similarity on Word Sense Induction

Proceedings of the Second Workshop on Speech and Language Processing for Assistive Technologies

W11-23 [bib]: Entire volume

W11-2300: Front Matter

W11-2301 [bib]: Anna Pompili; Alberto Abad; Isabel Trancoso; José Fonseca; Isabel Pavão Martins; Gabriela Leal; Luisa Farrajota
An on-line system for remote treatment of aphasia

W11-2302 [bib]: Frank Rudzicz
Acoustic transformations to improve the intelligibility of dysarthric speech

W11-2303 [bib]: Brian Roark; Andrew Fowler; Richard Sproat; Christopher Gibbons; Melanie Fried-Oken
Towards technology-assisted co-construction with communication partners

W11-2304 [bib]: Joseph Reddington; Lizzie Coles-Kemp
Trap Hunting: Finding Personal Data Management Issues in Next Generation AAC Devices

W11-2305 [bib]: Russ Beckley; Brian Roark
Asynchronous fixed-grid scanning with dynamic codes

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Improving the Accessibility of Line Graphs in Multimodal Documents

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Indian Language Screen Readers and Syllable Based Festival Text-to-Speech Synthesis System

W11-2308 [bib]: Felice Dell’Orletta; Simonetta Montemagni; Giulia Venturi
READ–IT: Assessing Readability of Italian Texts with a View to Text Simplification

W11-2309 [bib]: Verónica López-Ludeña; Rubén San-Segundo; Syaheerah Lufti; Juan Manuel Lucas-Cuesta; Julián David Echevarry; Beatriz Martínez-González
Source Language Categorization for improving a Speech into Sign Language Translation System

W11-2310 [bib]: Jan-Oliver Wülfing; Lisa Hoffmann
What does it mean to communicate (not) emotionally?

W11-2311 [bib]: Abdulaziz Almohimeed; Mike Wald; R.I. Damper
Arabic Text to Arabic Sign Language Translation System for the Deaf and Hearing-Impaired Community

W11-2312 [bib]: Peter Ljunglöf; Britt Claesson; Ingrid Mattsson Müller; Stina Ericsson; Cajsa Ottesjö; Alexander Berman; Fredrik Kronlid
Lekbot: A talking and playing robot for children with disabilities

W11-2313 [bib]: Katarina Heimann Mühlenbock; Mats Lundälv
Using lexical and corpus resources for augmenting the AAC-lexicon

W11-2314 [bib]: Susana Bautista; Raquel Hervás; Pablo Gervás; Richard Power; Sandra Williams
Experimental Identification of the Use of Hedges in the Simplification of Numerical Expressions

W11-2315 [bib]: Arnaldo Candido Jr; Ann Copestake; Lucia Specia; Sandra Maria Aluísio
Towards an on-demand Simple Portuguese Wikipedia

W11-2316 [bib]: Annalu Waller (editor)
SLPAT Demo Session

Proceedings of the TextInfer 2011 Workshop on Textual Entailment

W11-24 [bib]: Entire volume

W11-2400: Front Matter

W11-2401 [bib]: Detmar Meurers; Ramon Ziai; Niels Ott; Janina Kopp
Evaluating Answers to Reading Comprehension Questions in Context: Results for German and the Role of Information Structure

W11-2402 [bib]: Eyal Shnarch; Jacob Goldberger; Ido Dagan
Towards a Probabilistic Model for Lexical Entailment

W11-2403 [bib]: Shachar Mirkin; Ido Dagan; Lili Kotlerman; Idan Szpektor
Classification-based Contextual Preferences

W11-2404 [bib]: Milen Kouylekov; Yashar Mehdad; Matteo Negri
Is it Worth Submitting this Run? Assess your RTE System with a Good Sparring Partner

W11-2405 [bib]: Hideki Shima; Teruko Mitamura
Diversity-aware Evaluation for Paraphrase Patterns

W11-2406 [bib]: Christina Unger; Philipp Cimiano
Representing and resolving ambiguities in ontology-based question answering

W11-2407 [bib]: Tim Fernando
Strings over intervals

W11-2408 [bib]: Jonathan Gordon; Lenhart Schubert
Discovering Commonsense Entailment Rules Implicit in Sentences

Proceedings of the GEMS 2011 Workshop on GEometrical Models of Natural Language Semantics

W11-25 [bib]: Entire volume

W11-2500: Front Matter

W11-2501 [bib]: Marco Baroni; Alessandro Lenci
How we BLESSed distributional semantic evaluation

W11-2502 [bib]: Alexander Panchenko
Comparison of the Baseline Knowledge-, Corpus-, and Web-based Similarity Measures for Semantic Relations Extraction

W11-2503 [bib]: Elia Bruni; Giang Binh Tran; Marco Baroni
Distributional semantics from text and images

W11-2504 [bib]: Tsz Ping Chan; Chris Callison-Burch; Benjamin Van Durme
Reranking Bilingually Extracted Paraphrases Using Monolingual Distributional Similarity

W11-2505 [bib]: Pierpaolo Basile; Annalina Caputo; Giovanni Semeraro
Encoding syntactic dependencies by vector permutation

W11-2506 [bib]: Matthias Hartung; Anette Frank
Assessing Interpretable, Attribute-related Meaning Representations for Adjective-Noun Phrases in a Similarity Prediction Task

W11-2507 [bib]: Edward Grefenstette; Mehrnoosh Sadrzadeh
Experimenting with transitive verbs in a DisCoCat

W11-2508 [bib]: Kristina Gulordava; Marco Baroni
A distributional similarity approach to the detection of semantic change in the Google Books Ngram corpus.

Proceedings of the First Workshop on Algorithms and Resources for Modelling of Dialects and Language Varieties

W11-26 [bib]: Entire volume

W11-2600: Front Matter

W11-2601 [bib]: Michael Paul; Andrew Finch; Paul R. Dixon; Eiichiro Sumita
Dialect Translation: Integrating Bayesian Co-segmentation Models with Pivot-based SMT

W11-2602 [bib]: Wael Salloum; Nizar Habash
Dialectal to Standard Arabic Paraphrasing to Improve Arabic-English Statistical Machine Translation

W11-2603 [bib]: Brian Murphy; Egon W. Stemle
PaddyWaC: A Minimally-Supervised Web-Corpus of Hiberno-English

W11-2604 [bib]: Yves Scherrer
Syntactic transformations for Swiss German dialects

W11-2605 [bib]: Mans Hulden; Iñaki Alegria; Izaskun Etxeberria; Montse Maritxalar
Learning word-level dialectal variation as phonological replacement rules using a limited parallel corpus

W11-2606 [bib]: Philip Gianfortoni; David Adamson; Carolyn P. Rosé
Modeling of Stylistic Variation in Social Media with Stretchy Patterns

W11-2607 [bib]: Štefan Beňuš; Miloš Cerňak; Sakhia Darjaa; Milan Rusko; Marián Trnka
Adapting Slovak ASR for native Germans speaking Slovak

W11-2608 [bib]: Michael Pucher; Nadja Kerschhofer-Puhalo; Dietmar Schabus
Phone set selection for HMM-based dialect speech synthesis

W11-2609 [bib]: Palmira Marrafa; Raquel Amaro; Sara Mendes
WordNet.PT global – Extending WordNet.PT to Portuguese varieties

Proceedings of the UCNLG+Eval: Language Generation and Evaluation Workshop

W11-27 [bib]: Entire volume

W11-2700: Front Matter

W11-2701 [bib]: Dimitrios Galanis; Ion Androutsopoulos
A New Sentence Compression Dataset and Its Use in an Abstractive Generate-and-Rank Sentence Compressor

W11-2702 [bib]: Jette Viethen; Robert Dale
GRE3D7: A Corpus of Distinguishing Descriptions for Objects in Visual Scenes

W11-2703 [bib]: Charles Greenbacker; Sandra Carberry; Kathleen McCoy
A Corpus of Human-written Summaries of Line Graphs

W11-2704 [bib]: Ehud Reiter
Task-Based Evaluation of NLG Systems: Control vs Real-World Context

W11-2705 [bib]: Sérgio Curto; Ana Cristina Mendes; Luísa Coheur
Exploring linguistically-rich patterns for question generation

W11-2706 [bib]: Rajakrishnan Rajkumar; Michael White
Linguistically Motivated Complementizer Choice in Surface Realization

W11-2707 [bib]: Ann Copestake; Aurélie Herbelot
Exciting and interesting: issues in the generation of binomials

W11-2708 [bib]: Daniël de Kok
Discriminative features in reversible stochastic attribute-value grammars

Proceedings of the 13th European Workshop on Natural Language Generation

W11-28 [bib]: Entire volume

W11-2800: Front Matter

W11-2801 [bib]: Oliver Lemon
Talkin' bout a revolution (statistically speaking) [Invited Talk]

W11-2802 [bib]: Advaith Siddharthan
Text Simplification using Typed Dependencies: A Comparision of the Robustness of Different Generation Strategies

W11-2803 [bib]: Saad Mahamood; Ehud Reiter
Generating Affective Natural Language for Parents of Neonatal Infants

W11-2804 [bib]: Rahul Sambaraju; Ehud Reiter; Robert Logie; Andy Mckinlay; Chris McVittie; Albert Gatt; Cindy Sykes
What is in a text and what does it do: Qualitative Evaluations of an NLG system – the BT-Nurse – using content analysis and discourse analysis

W11-2805 [bib]: Christian Chiarcos
Evaluating Salience Metrics for the Context-Adequate Realization of Discourse Referents

W11-2806 [bib]: Henriette Viethen; Robert Dale; Markus Guhe
The Impact of Visual Context on the Content of Referring Expressions

W11-2807 [bib]: Ielka Van Der Sluis; Saturnino Luz
A Cross-Linguistic Study on the Production of Multimodal Referring Expressions in Dialogue

W11-2808 [bib]: Margaret Mitchell; Kees Van Deemter; Ehud Reiter
Two Approaches for Generating Size Modifiers

W11-2809 [bib]: Jeff Orkin
Using Online Games to Capture, Generate, and Understand Natural Language [Invited Talk]

W11-2810 [bib]: Nadjet Bouayad-Agha; Gerard Casamayor; Leo Wanner
Content selection from an ontology-based knowledge base for the generation of football summaries

W11-2811 [bib]: Richard Power
Deriving rhetorical relationships from semantic content

W11-2812 [bib]: Albert Gatt; François Portet
If it may have happened before, it happened, but not necessarily before

W11-2813 [bib]: Verena Rieser; Simon Keizer; Oliver Lemon; Xingkun Liu
Adaptive Information Presentation for Spoken Dialogue Systems: Evaluation with real users

W11-2814 [bib]: Nina Dethlefs; Heriberto Cuayáhuitl
Combining Hierarchical Reinforcement Learning and Bayesian Networks for Natural Language Generation in Situated Dialogue

W11-2815 [bib]: Konstantina Garoufi; Alexander Koller
Combining symbolic and corpus-based approaches for the generation of successful referring expressions

W11-2816 [bib]: Johanna D. Moore
Language Generation for Spoken Dialogue Systems [Invited Talk]

W11-2817 [bib]: Marcel Bollmann
Adapting SimpleNLG to German

W11-2818 [bib]: Laurence Danlos; Frédéric Meunier; Vanessa Combet
EasyText: an Operational NLG System

W11-2819 [bib]: Valerio Basile; Johan Bos
Towards Generating Text from Discourse Representation Structures

W11-2820 [bib]: Thomas Bouttaz; Edoardo Pignotti; Chris Mellish; Peter Edwards
A Policy-Based Approach to Context Dependent Natural Language Generation

W11-2821 [bib]: Sandra Williams; Allan Third; Richard Power
Levels of organisation in ontology verbalisation

W11-2822 [bib]: Diana Trandabât
Using semantic roles to improve summaries

W11-2823 [bib]: Alessandro Mazzei
Building a Generator for Italian Sign Language

W11-2824 [bib]: Andrew Walker; Advaith Siddharthan; Andrew Starkey
Investigation into Human Preference between Common and Unambiguous Lexical Substitutions

W11-2825 [bib]: Saturnino Luz; Ielka Van Der Sluis
Production of Demonstratives in Dutch, English and Portuguese Dialogues

W11-2826 [bib]: Fadi Abu Sheikha; Diana Inkpen
Generation of Formal and Informal Sentences

W11-2827 [bib]: Michael White
Glue Rules for Robust Chart Realization

W11-2828 [bib]: François Lareau; Mark Dras; Robert Dale
Detecting Interesting Event Sequences for Sports Reporting

W11-2829 [bib]: Anja Belz; Albert Gatt; Alexander Koller; Kristina Striegnitz
Generation Challenges 2011 Preface

W11-2830 [bib]: Srini Janarthanam; Oliver Lemon
The GRUVE Challenge: Generating Routes under Uncertainty in Virtual Environments

W11-2831 [bib]: Pablo Gervás; Miguel Ballesteros
A Proposal for a Spanish Surface Realization Shared Task

W11-2832 [bib]: Anja Belz; Mike White; Dominic Espinosa; Eric Kow; Deirdre Hogan; Amanda Stent
The First Surface Realisation Shared Task: Overview and Evaluation Results

W11-2833 [bib]: Yuqing Guo; Deirdre Hogan; Josef van Genabith
DCU at Generation Challenges 2011 Surface Realisation Track

W11-2834 [bib]: Amanda Stent
ATT-0: Submission to Generation Challenges 2011 Surface Realization Shared Task

W11-2835 [bib]: Bernd Bohnet; Simon Mille; Benoît Favre; Leo Wanner
StuMaBa : From Deep Representation to Surface

W11-2836 [bib]: Rajakrishnan Rajkumar; Dominic Espinosa; Michael White
The OSU System for Surface Realization at Generation Challenges 2011

W11-2837 [bib]: Pablo Gervás
UCM Submission to the Surface Realization Challenge

W11-2838 [bib]: Robert Dale; Adam Kilgarriff
Helping Our Own: The HOO 2011 Pilot Shared Task

W11-2839 [bib]: Pinaki Bhaskar; Aniruddha Ghosh; Santanu Pal; Sivaji Bandyopadhyay
May I check the English of your paper!!!

W11-2840 [bib]: Elitza Ivanova; Delphine Bernhard; Cyril Grouin
Handling Outlandish Occurrences: Using Rules and Lexicons for Correcting NLP Articles

W11-2841 [bib]: Daniel Dahlmeier; Hwee Tou Ng; Thanh Phu Tran
NUS at the HOO 2011 Pilot Shared Task

W11-2842 [bib]: Torsten Zesch
Helping Our Own 2011: UKP Lab System Description

W11-2843 [bib]: Alla Rozovskaya; Mark Sammons; Joshua Gioja; Dan Roth
University of Illinois System in HOO Text Correction Shared Task

W11-2844 [bib]: Adriane Boyd; Detmar Meurers
Data-Driven Correction of FunctionWords in Non-Native English

W11-2845 [bib]: Kristina Striegnitz; Alexandre Denis; Andrew Gargett; Konstantina Garoufi; Alexander Koller; Mariët Theune
Report on the Second Second Challenge on Generating Instructions in Virtual Environments (GIVE-2.5)

W11-2846 [bib]: Bob Duncan; Kees van Deemter
Direction giving: an attempt to increase user engagement

W11-2847 [bib]: Nina Dethlefs
The Bremen System for the GIVE-2.5 Challenge

W11-2848 [bib]: David Nicolás Racca; Luciana Benotti; Pablo Duboue
The GIVE-2.5 C Generation System

W11-2849 [bib]: Luciana Benotti; Alexandre Denis
CL system: Giving instructions by corpus based selection

W11-2850 [bib]: Alexandre Denis
The Loria Instruction Generation System L in GIVE 2.5

W11-2851 [bib]: Konstantina Garoufi; Alexander Koller
The Potsdam NLG systems at the GIVE-2.5 Challenge

W11-2852 [bib]: Saskia Akkersdijk; Marin Langenbach; Frieder Loch; Mariët Theune
The Thumbs Up! Twente system for GIVE 2.5

W11-2853 [bib]: Vasile Rus; Brendan Wyse; Paul Piwek; Mihai Lintean; Svetlana Stoyanchev; Cristian Moldovan
Question Generation Shared Task and Evaluation Challenge – Status Report

Proceedings of the 12th International Conference on Parsing Technologies

W11-29 [bib]: Entire volume

W11-2900: Front Matter

W11-2901 [bib]: Mark Steedman
Computing Scope in a CCG Parser

W11-2902 [bib]: Alexander Koller; Marco Kuhlmann
A Generalized View on Parsing and Translation

W11-2903 [bib]: Matthias Büchse; Mark-Jan Nederhof; Heiko Vogler
Tree Parsing with Synchronous Tree-Adjoining Grammars

W11-2904 [bib]: Colin de la Higuera; Jose Oncina
Finding the Most Probable String and the Consensus String: an Algorithmic Study

W11-2905 [bib]: Marie Candito; Enrique Henestroza Anguiano; Djamè Seddah
A Word Clustering Approach to Domain Adaptation: Effective Parsing of Biomedical Texts

W11-2906 [bib]: Anders Søgaard; Martin Haulrich
Sentence-Level Instance-Weighting for Graph-Based and Transition-Based Dependency Parsing

W11-2907 [bib]: Kun Yu; Yusuke Miyao; Takuya Matsuzaki; Xiangli Wang; Junichi Tsujii
Analysis of the Difficulties in Chinese Deep Parsing

W11-2908 [bib]: Wolfgang Seeker; Jonas Kuhn
On the Role of Explicit Morphological Feature Representation in Syntactic Dependency Parsing for German

W11-2909 [bib]: James Henderson
Bayesian Network Automata for Modelling Unbounded Structures

W11-2910 [bib]: Denys Duchier; Thi-Bich-Hanh Dao; Yannick Parmentier
Model-Theory of Property Grammars with Features

W11-2911 [bib]: Tejaswini Deoskar; Markos Mylonakis; Khalil Sima'an
Learning Structural Dependencies of Words in the Zipfian Tail

W11-2912 [bib]: Kais Dukes; Nizar Habash
One-Step Statistical Parsing of Hybrid Dependency-Constituency Syntactic Representations

W11-2913 [bib]: Kilian Evang; Laura Kallmeyer
PLCFRS Parsing of English Discontinuous Constituents

W11-2914 [bib]: Ina Bornkessel-Schlesewsky
Towards a Neurobiologically Plausible Model of Human Sentence Comprehension Across Languages

W11-2915 [bib]: Feiyu Xu; Hong Li; Yi Zhang; Hans Uszkoreit; Sebastian Krause
Minimally Supervised Domain-Adaptive Parse Reranking for Relation Extraction

W11-2916 [bib]: Gregory F. Coppola; Alexandra Birch; Tejaswini Deoskar; Mark Steedman
Simple Semi-Supervised Learning for Prepositional Phrase Attachment

W11-2917 [bib]: Seyed Abolghasem Mirroshandel; Alexis Nasr
Active Learning for Dependency Parsing Using Partially Annotated Sentences

W11-2918 [bib]: Michael Collins
Lagrangian Relaxation for Inference in Natural Language Processing

W11-2919 [bib]: Mark-Jan Nederhof; Giorgio Satta
Prefix Probabilities for Linear Context-Free Rewriting Systems

W11-2920 [bib]: Aaron Dunlop; Nathan Bodenstab; Brian Roark
Efficient Matrix-Encoded Grammars and Low Latency Parallelization Strategies for CYK

W11-2921 [bib]: Youngmin Yi; Chao-Yue Lai; Slav Petrov; Kurt Keutzer
Efficient Parallel CKY Parsing on GPUs

W11-2922 [bib]: Gisle Ytrestøl
CuteForce – Deep Deterministic HPSG Parsing

W11-2923 [bib]: Yi Zhang; Hans-Ulrich Krieger
Large-Scale Corpus-Driven PCFG Approximation of an HPSG

W11-2924 [bib]: Richàrd Farkas; Bernd Bohnet; Helmut Schmid
Features for Phrase-Structure Reranking from Dependency Parses

W11-2925 [bib]: Jennifer Foster; Özlem Çetinoglu; Joachim Wagner; Josef van Genabith
Comparing the Use of Edited and Unedited Text in Parser Self-Training

W11-2926 [bib]: Meixun Jin; Hwidong Na; Jong-Hyeok Lee
Beyond Chart Parsing: An Analytic Comparison of Dependency Chart Parsing Algorithms

W11-2927 [bib]: Rebecca Dridan; Stephan Oepen
Parser Evaluation Using Elementary Dependency Matching

W11-2928 [bib]: Mark-Jan Nederhof; Ricardo Sánchez-Sáez
Parsing of Partially Bracketed Structures for Parse Selection

W11-2929 [bib]: Markus Dickinson; Amber Smith
Detecting Dependency Parse Errors with Minimal Resources

Proceedings of the 2nd Workshop on South Southeast Asian Natural Language Processing (WSSANLP)

W11-30 [bib]: Entire volume

W11-3000: Front Matter

W11-3001 [bib]: Kartik Suba; Dipti Jiandani; Pushpak Bhattacharyya
Hybrid Inflectional Stemmer and Rule-based Derivational Stemmer for Gujarati

W11-3002 [bib]: Mahsa Mohaghegh; Abdolhossein Sarrafzadeh; Tom Moir
Improving Persian-English Statistical Machine Translation:Experiments in Domain Adaptation

W11-3003 [bib]: Supon Klaithin; Kanyanut Kriengket; Sitthaa Phaholphinyo; Krit Kosawat
Thai Word Segmentation Verification Tool

W11-3004 [bib]: Tomohiro YAMASAKI; Hiromi WAKAKI; Masaru SUZUKI
The Semi-Automatic Construction of Part-Of-Speech Taggers for Specific Languages by Statistical Methods

W11-3005 [bib]: Suriani Sulaiman; Michael Gasser; Sandra Kuebler
Towards a Malay Derivational Lexicon: Learning Affixes Using Expectation Maximization

W11-3006 [bib]: Vishal Gupta; Gurpreet Singh Lehal
Punjabi Language Stemmer for nouns and proper names

W11-3007 [bib]: Zobia Rehman; Waqas Anwar; Usama Ijaz Bajwa
Challenges in Urdu Text Tokenization and Sentence Boundary Disambiguation

W11-3008 [bib]: Sajjad Ahmad Khan; Waqas Anwar; Usama Ijaz Bajwa
Challenges in Developing a Rule based Urdu Stemmer

W11-3009 [bib]: Mourad Gridach; Noureddine Chenfour
Developing a New System for Arabic Morphological Analysis and Generation

Proceedings of the KRAQ11 workshop

W11-31 [bib]: Entire volume

W11-3100: Front Matter

W11-3101 [bib]: Marc Canitrot; Pierre Yves Roger; Thomas de filippo; Patrick Saint-Dizier
The KOMODO System: getting Recommendations on how to realize an action via Question-Answering

W11-3102 [bib]: Silvia Quarteroni
Question Answering, Semantic Search and Data Service Querying

W11-3103 [bib]: Masahiro Kojima; Yasuhiko Watanabe; Yoshihiro Okada
An Analysis of Questions in a Q&A Site Resubmitted Based on Indications of Unclear Points of Original Questions

W11-3104 [bib]: Maheen Bakhtyar; Asanee Kawtrakul
Integrating Knowledge Resources and Shallow Language Processing for Question Classification

W11-3105 [bib]: Bidhan Chandra Pal; Pinaki Bhaskar; Sivaji Bandyopadhyay
A Rule Based Approach for Analysis of Comparative or Evaluative Questions in Tourism Domain

W11-3106 [bib]: Alisa Kongthon; Sarawoot Kongyoung; Choochart Haruechaiyasak; Pornpimon Palingoon
A Semantic Based Question Answering System for Thailand Tourism Information

Proceedings of the 3rd Named Entities Workshop (NEWS 2011)

W11-32 [bib]: Entire volume

W11-3200: Front Matter

W11-3201 [bib]: Min Zhang; Haizhou Li; A Kumaran; Ming Liu
Report of NEWS 2011 Machine Transliteration Shared Task

W11-3202 [bib]: Min Zhang; A Kumaran; Haizhou Li
Whitepaper of NEWS 2011 Shared Task on Machine Transliteration

W11-3203 [bib]: Andrew Finch; Paul Dixon; Eiichiro Sumita
Integrating Models Derived from non-Parametric Bayesian Co-segmentation into a Statistical Machine Transliteration System

W11-3204 [bib]: Canasai Kruengkrai; Thatsanee Charoenporn; Virach Sornlertlamvanich
Simple Discriminative Training for Machine Transliteration

W11-3205 [bib]: Yu-Chun Wang; Richard Tzong-Han Tsai
English-Korean Named Entity Transliteration Using Statistical Substring-based and Rule-based Approaches

W11-3206 [bib]: Aditya Bhargava; Bradley Hauer; Grzegorz Kondrak
Leveraging Transliterations from Multiple Languages

W11-3207 [bib]: Rafael E. Banchs
Comparative Evaluation of Spanish Segmentation Strategies for Spanish-Chinese Transliteration

W11-3208 [bib]: Takaaki Fukunishi; Andrew Finch; Seiichi Yamamoto; Eiichiro Sumita
Using Features from a Bilingual Alignment Model in Transliteration Mining

W11-3209 [bib]: Nattadaporn Lertcheva; Wirote Aroonmanakun
Product Name Identification and Classification in Thai Economic News

W11-3210 [bib]: Abhijit Bhole; Goutham Tholpadi; Raghavendra Udupa
Mining Multi-word Named Entity Equivalents from Comparable Corpora

W11-3211 [bib]: Najmeh Mousavi Nejad; Shahram Khadivi
An Unsupervised Alignment Model for Sequence Labeling: Application to Name Transliteration

W11-3212 [bib]: Ying Qin; GuoHua Chen
Forward-backward Machine Transliteration between English and Chinese Based on Combined CRFs

W11-3213 [bib]: Mike Tian-Jian Jiang; Chan-Hung Kuo; Wen-Lian Hsu
English-to-Chinese Machine Transliteration using Accessor Variety Features of Source Graphemes

W11-3214 [bib]: Najmeh Mousavi Nejad; Shahram Khadivi; Kaveh Taghipour
The Amirkabir Machine Transliteration System for NEWS 2011: Farsi-to-English Task

W11-3215 [bib]: Oi Yee Kwong
English-Chinese Personal Name Transliteration by Syllable-Based Maximum Matching

W11-3216 [bib]: Yu Chen; Rui Wang; Yi Zhang
Statistical Machine Transliteration with Multi-to-Multi Joint Source Channel Model

W11-3217 [bib]: Pradeep Dasigi; Mona Diab
Named Entity Transliteration Generation Leveraging Statistical Machine Translation Technology

Proceedings of the Workshop on Language Resources, Technology and Services in the Sharing Paradigm

W11-33 [bib]: Entire volume

W11-3300: Front Matter

W11-3301 [bib]: Yoshihiko Hayashi
Prospects for an Ontology-Grounded Language Service Infrastructure

W11-3302 [bib]: Núria Bel; Muntsa Padró; Silvia Necsulescu
A Method Towards the Fully Automatic Merging of Lexical Resources

W11-3303 [bib]: Sapa Chanyachatchawan; Virach Sornlertlamvanich; Thatsanee Charoenporn
Service Quality Improvement in Web Service Based Machine Translation

W11-3304 [bib]: Sven Christian Andrä; Jörg Schütz
The Semantically-enriched Translation Interoperability Protocol

W11-3305 [bib]: Marc Poch; Núria Bel
Interoperability and Technology for a Language Resources Factory

W11-3306 [bib]: Nicoletta Calzolari; Monica Monachini; Valeria Quochi
Interoperability Framework: The FLaReNet Action Plan Proposal

W11-3307 [bib]: Paul Thompson; Yoshinobu Kano; John McNaught; Steve Pettifer; Teresa Attwood; John Keane; Sophia Ananiadou
Promoting Interoperability of Resources in META-SHARE

W11-3308 [bib]: Toru Ishida; Yohei Murakami; Yoko Kubota; Rieko Inaba
Federated Operation Model for the Language Grid

W11-3309 [bib]: Yohei Murakami; Masahiro Tanaka; Donghui Lin; Toru Ishida
Open-Source Platform for Language Service Sharing

W11-3310 [bib]: Khalid Choukri; Jungyeul Park; Olivier Hamon; Victoria Arranz
Proposal for the International Standard Language Resource Number

W11-3311 [bib]: Maria Gavrilidou; Penny Labropoulou; Stelios Piperidis; Monica Monachini; Francesca Frontini; Gil Francopoulo; Victoria Arranz; Valèrie Mapelli
A Metadata Schema for the Description of Language Resources (LRs)

W11-3312 [bib]: Nicoletta Calzolari; Riccardo Del Gratta; Francesca Frontini; Irene Russo
The Language Library: Many Layers, More Knowledge

W11-3313 [bib]: Jan Odijk; Arjan van Hessen
Sharing Resources in CLARIN-NL

W11-3314 [bib]: Inguna Skadina; Andrejs Vasiljevs; Lars Borin; Koenraad De Smedt; Krister Lindèn; Eirìkur Rögnvaldsson
META-NORD: Towards Sharing of Language Resources in Nordic and Baltic Countries

Proceedings of the 9th Workshop on Asian Language Resources

W11-34 [bib]: Entire volume

W11-3400: Front Matter

W11-3401 [bib]: Virach Sornlertlamvanich
Participation in Language Resource Development and Sharing

W11-3402 [bib]: Nathaniel Oco; Allan Borra
A Grammar Checker for Tagalog using LanguageTool

W11-3403 [bib]: Joel Ilao; Rowena Cristina Guevara; Virgilio Llenaresas; Eilene Antoinette Narvaez; Jovy Peregrino
Bantay-Wika: towards a better understanding of the dynamics of Filipino culture and linguistic change

W11-3404 [bib]: Yi Zhang; Rui Wang; Yu Chen
Engineering a Deep HPSG for Mandarin Chinese

W11-3405 [bib]: Bharat Ram Ambati; Rahul Agarwal; Mridul Gupta; Samar Husain; Dipti Misra Sharma
Error Detection for Treebank Validation

W11-3406 [bib]: Farah Adeeba; Sarmad Hussain
Experiences in Building Urdu WordNet

W11-3407 [bib]: Mona Diab; Ankit Kamboj
Feasibility of Leveraging Crowd Sourcing for the Creation of a Large Scale Annotated Resource for Hindi English Code Switched Data: A Pilot Annotation

W11-3408 [bib]: Stephen Beale; Tod Allman
Linguist's Assistant: A Resource For Linguists

W11-3409 [bib]: Nattapong Tongtep; Thanaruk Theeramunkong
Multi-stage Annotation using Pattern-based and Statistical-based Techniques for Automatic Thai Annotated Corpus Construction

W11-3410 [bib]: Shirley Dita; Rachel Edita Roxas
Philippine Languages Online Corpora: Status, issues, and prospects

W11-3411 [bib]: Aya Ishino; Hidetsugu Nanba; Toshiyuki Takezawa
Providing Ad Links to Travel Blog Entries Based on Link Types

W11-3412 [bib]: Annette Hautli; Miriam Butt
Towards a Computational Semantic Analyzer for Urdu

W11-3413 [bib]: Tejinder Singh Saini; Gurpreet Singh Lehal
Word Disambiguation in Shahmukhi to Gurmukhi Transliteration

Proceedings of the Workshop on Advances in Text Input Methods (WTIM 2011)

W11-35 [bib]: Entire volume

W11-3500: Front Matter

W11-3501 [bib]: Umair Z. Ahmed; Kalika Bali; Monojit Choudhury; Sowmya VB
Challenges in Designing Input Method Editors for Indian Lan-guages: The Role of Word-Origin and Context

W11-3502 [bib]: Hiroyuki Tokunaga; Daisuke Okanohara; Shinsuke Mori
Discriminative Method for Japanese Kana-Kanji Input Method

W11-3503 [bib]: Taku Kudo; Toshiyuki Hanaoka; Jun Mukai; Yusuke Tabata; Hiroyuki Komatsu
Efficient dictionary and language model compression for input method editors

W11-3504 [bib]: Asad Habib; Masakazu Iwatate; Masayuki Asahara; Yuji Matsumoto
Different Input Systems for Different Devices

W11-3505 [bib]: Takeshi Okadome; Junya Nakajima; Sho Ito; Koh Kakusho
An Accessible Coded Input Method for Japanese Extensive Writing

W11-3506 [bib]: Seiji Kasahara; Mamoru Komachi; Masaaki Nagata; Yuji Matsumoto
Error Correcting Romaji-kana Conversion for Japanese Language Education

W11-3507 [bib]: Pallavi Choudhury; Chris Quirk; Hisami Suzuki
From pecher to pêcher... or pècher: Simplifying French Input by Accent Prediction

W11-3508 [bib]: Yoh Okuno
Phrase Extraction for Japanese Predictive Input Method as Post-Processing

W11-3509 [bib]: Mike Tian-Jian Jiang; Cheng-Wei Lee; Chad Liu; Yung-Chun Chang; Wen-Lian Hsu
Robustness Analysis of Adaptive Chinese Input Methods

Proceedings of the Fifth International Workshop On Cross Lingual Information Access

W11-36 [bib]: Entire volume

W11-3600: Front Matter

W11-3601 [bib]: Haifeng Wang
Web-based Machine Translation

W11-3602 [bib]: Petr Knoth; Lukas Zilka; Zdenek Zdrahal
Using Explicit Semantic Analysis for Cross-Lingual Link Discovery

W11-3603 [bib]: Siva Reddy; Serge Sharoff
Cross Language POS Taggers (and other Tools) for Indian Languages: An Experiment with Kannada using Telugu Resources

W11-3604 [bib]: Duo Ding
Integrate Multilingual Web Search Results using Cross-Lingual Topic Models

W11-3605 [bib]: Manaal Faruqui; Prasenjit Majumder; Sebastian Pado
Soundex-based Translation Correction in Urdu–English Cross-Language Information Retrieval

W11-3606 [bib]: Li Yang; Erik Peterson; John Chen; Yana Petrova; Rohini Srihari
Unsupervised Russian POS Tagging with Appropriate Context

W11-3607 [bib]: Johannes Knopp
Extending a multilingual Lexical Resource by bootstrapping Named Entity Classification using Wikipedia's Category System

Proceedings of the Workshop on Sentiment Analysis where AI meets Psychology (SAAIP 2011)

W11-37 [bib]: Entire volume

W11-3700: Front Matter

W11-3701 [bib]: Eduard Hovy
Invited Keynote: What are Subjectivity, Sentiment, and Affect?

W11-3702 [bib]: Adam Bermingham; Alan Smeaton
On Using Twitter to Monitor Political Sentiment and Predict Election Results

W11-3703 [bib]: Yi-jie Tang; Hsin-Hsi Chen
Emotion Modeling from Writer/Reader Perspectives Using a Microblog Dataset

W11-3704 [bib]: Myriam Munezero; Tuomo Kakkonen; Calkin Montero
Towards automatic detection of antisocial behavior from texts

W11-3705 [bib]: Leila Amgoud; Florence Bannay; Charlotte Costedoat; Patrick Saint-Dizier; Camille Albert
Introducing Argumention in Opinion Analysis: Language and Reasoning Challenges

W11-3706 [bib]: Erik Cambria; Amir Hussain; Chris Eckl
Taking Refuge in Your Personal Sentic Corner

W11-3707 [bib]: Carmen Banea; Rada Mihalcea; Janyce Wiebe
Sense-level Subjectivity in a Multilingual Setting

W11-3708 [bib]: Takashi Inui; Mikio Yamamoto
Applying Sentiment-oriented Sentence Filtering to Multilingual Review Classification

W11-3709 [bib]: Dipankar Das; Sivaji Bandyopadhyay
Analyzing Emotional Statements – Roles of General and Physiological Variables

W11-3710 [bib]: Praphul Chandra; Erik Cambria; Alvin Pradeep
Enriching Social Communication through Semantics and Sentics

W11-3711 [bib]: Alexandra Roshchina; John Cardiff; Paolo Rosso
User Profile Construction in the TWIN Personality-based Recommender System

W11-3712 [bib]: Khurshid Ahmad; Nicholas Daly; Vanessa Liston
What is new? News media, General Elections, Sentiment, and Named Entities

W11-3713 [bib]: Huey Yee Lee; Hemnaath Renganathan
Chinese Sentiment Analysis Using Maximum Entropy

W11-3714 [bib]: Ji Fang; Bi Chen
Incorporating Lexicon Knowledge into SVM Learning to Improve Sentiment Classification

W11-3715 [bib]: Akshat Bakliwal; Piyush Arora; Ankit Patil; Vasudeva Varma
Towards Enhanced Opinion Classification using NLP Techniques.

Proceedings of the Second Workshop on Statistical Parsing of Morphologically Rich Languages

W11-38 [bib]: Entire volume

W11-3800: Front Matter

W11-3801 [bib]: Jinho D. Choi; Martha Palmer
Statistical Dependency Parsing in Korean: From Corpus Generation To Automatic Parsing

W11-3802 [bib]: Jon Dehdari; Lamia Tounsi; Josef van Genabith
Morphological Features for Parsing Morphologically-rich Languages: A Case of Arabic

W11-3803 [bib]: Anthony Sigogne; Matthieu Constant; Eric Laporte
French parsing enhanced with a word clustering method based on a syntactic lexicon

W11-3804 [bib]: Kepa Bengoetxea; Arantza Casillas; Koldo Gojenola
Testing the Effect of Morphological Disambiguation in Dependency Parsing of Basque

W11-3805 [bib]: Andreas van Cranenburgh; Remko Scha; Federico Sangati
Discontinuous Data-Oriented Parsing: A mildly context-sensitive all-fragments grammar

W11-3806 [bib]: Gülçen Erygit; Tugay Ilbay; Ozan Arkan Can
Multiword Expressions in Statistical Dependency Parsing

W11-3807 [bib]: Samar Husain; Raghu Pujitha Gade; Rajeev Sangal
Linguistically Rich Graph Based Data Driven Parsing For Hindi

W11-3808 [bib]: Ines Rehbein
Data point selection for self-training

Proceedings of Workshop on Robust Unsupervised and Semisupervised Methods in Natural Language Processing

W11-39 [bib]: Entire volume

W11-3900: Front Matter

W11-3901 [bib]: David Marecek; Zdenek Zabokrtský
Gibbs Sampling with Treeness Constraint in Unsupervised Dependency Parsing

W11-3902 [bib]: Brett Drury; Luis Torgo; Jose Joao Almeida
Guided Self Training for Sentiment Classification

W11-3903 [bib]: Malik Atalla; Christian Scheel; Ernesto William De Luca; Sahin Albayrak
Investigating the Applicability of current Machine-Learning based Subjectivity Detection Algorithms on German Texts

W11-3904 [bib]: Philippe Thomas; Illès Solt; Roman Klinger; Ulf Leser
Learning Protein Protein Interaction Extraction using Distant Supervision

W11-3905 [bib]: Hayato Kobayashi; Hiromi Wakaki; Tomohiro Yamasaki; Masaru Suzuki
Topic Models with Logical Constraints on Words

W11-3906 [bib]: Rasoul Samad Zadeh Kaljahi; Mohd Sapiyan Baba
Investigation of Co-training Views and Variations for Semantic Role Labeling

Proceedings of the RANLP 2011 Workshop on Information Extraction and Knowledge Acquisition

W11-40 [bib]: Entire volume

W11-4000: Front Matter

W11-4001 [bib]: Ralph Grishman
INVITED TALK 1: The Knowledge Base Population Task: Challenges for Information Extraction

W11-4002 [bib]: Bonan Min; Ralph Grishman
Fine-grained Entity Set Refinement with User Feedback

W11-4003 [bib]: Ilia Chetviorkin; Natalia Loukachevitch
Extraction of Domain-specific Opinion Words for Similar Domains

W11-4004 [bib]: Michael Wiegand; Dietrich Klakow
The Role of Predicates in Opinion Holder Extraction

W11-4005 [bib]: Marcos Garcia; Pablo Gamallo
Dependency-Based Text Compression for Semantic Relation Extraction

W11-4006 [bib]: Roman Grundkiewicz; Filip Graliński
How to Distinguish a Kidney Theft from a Death Car? Experiments in Clustering Urban-Legend Texts

W11-4007 [bib]: Avirup Sil; Alexander Yates
Machine Reading Between the Lines: A Simple Evaluation Framework for Extracted Knowledge Bases

W11-4008 [bib]: Stéphanie Weiser; Louis-Amélie Cougnon; Patrick Watrin
Temporal Expressions Extraction in SMS messages

W11-4009 [bib]: Ralf Steinberger
INVITED TALK 2: Bringing Multilingual Information Extraction to the User

Proceedings of the Workshop on Language Technologies for Digital Humanities and Cultural Heritage

W11-41 [bib]: Entire volume

W11-4100: Front Matter

W11-4101 [bib]: Gábor Prószèky
Endangered Uralic Languages and Language Technologies

W11-4102 [bib]: Dana Dannèlls; Mariana Damova; Ramona Enache; Milen Chechev
A Framework for Improved Access to Museum Databases in the Semantic Web

W11-4103 [bib]: Dieu-Thu Le; Raffaella Bernardi; Ed Vald
Query classification via Topic Models for an art image archive

W11-4104 [bib]: Herman Stehouwer; Eric Auer
Unlocking Language Archives Using Search

W11-4105 [bib]: Maciej Ogrodniczuk; Wlodzimierz Gruszczyski
Digital Library of Poland-related Old Ephemeral Prints: Preserving Multilingual Cultural Heritage

W11-4106 [bib]: Marcel Bollmann; Florian Petran; Stefanie Dipper
Rule-Based Normalization of Historical Texts

W11-4107 [bib]: Ludmila Dimitrova; Ralitsa Dutsova; Rumiana Panova
Survey on Current State of Bulgarian-Polish Online Dictionary

W11-4108 [bib]: Kamenka Staykova; Gennady Agre; Kiril Simov; Petya Osenova
Language Technology Support for Semantic Annotation of Icono-graphic Descriptions

W11-4109 [bib]: Hanne Martine Eckhoff; David Birnbaum; Anissava Miltenova; Tsvetana Dimitrova
The Tenth-Century Cyrillic Manuscript Codex Suprasliensis: the creation of an electronic corpus. UNESCO project (2010–2011)

W11-4110 [bib]: Tuomo Kakkonen; Gordana Galic Kakkonen
SentiProfiler: Creating Comparable Visual Profiles of Sentimental Content in Texts

W11-4111 [bib]: Dimitrios Kokkinakis; Mats Malm
Character Profiling in 19th Century Fiction

W11-4112 [bib]: Sanja Štajner; Ruslan Mitkov
Diachronic Stylistic Changes in British and American Varieties of 20th Century Written English Language

W11-4113 [bib]: Sebastian Tschöpel; Daniel Schneider; Rolf Bardeli; Oliver Schreer; Stefano Masneri; Peter Wittenburg; Han Sloetjes; Przemek Lenkiewicz; Eric Auer
AVATecH: Audio/Video Technology for Humanities Research

W11-4114 [bib]: Veronica Romero; Nicolas Serrano; Alejandro H. Toselli; Joan Andreu Sanchez; Enrique Vidal
Handwritten Text Recognition for Historical Documents

W11-4115 [bib]: Lenz Furrer; Martin Volk
Reducing OCR Errors in Gothic-Script Documents

Proceedings of the Second Workshop on Biomedical Natural Language Processing

W11-42 [bib]: Entire volume

W11-4200: Front Matter

W11-4201 [bib]: Kevin Bretonnel Cohen
Assignment of Ontology-based Broad Semantic Classes to Biomedical Text

W11-4202 [bib]: Aron Henriksson; Martin Hassel
Exploiting Structured Data, Negation Detection and SNOMED CT Terms in a Random Indexing Approach to Clinical Coding

W11-4203 [bib]: Svetla Boytcheva
Automatic Matching of ICD-10 codes to Diagnoses in Discharge Letters

W11-4204 [bib]: Marina Sokolova
Evaluation Measures for Detection of Personal Health Information

W11-4205 [bib]: Georgi Georgiev; Valentin Zhivkov; Borislav Popov; Preslav Nakov
Building a Named Entity Recognizer in Three Days: Application to Disease Name Recognition in Bulgarian Epicrises

W11-4206 [bib]: Dimitrios Kokkinakis
Reducing Complexity in Parsing Scientific Medical Data, a Diabetes Case Study

W11-4207 [bib]: Denys Proux; Caroline Hagège; Quentin Gicquel; Suzanne Pereira; Stefan Darmoni; Frèdèrique Segond; Marie-Hèlène Metzger
Architecture and Systems for Monitoring Hospital Acquired Infections inside Hospital Information Workflows

W11-4208 [bib]: Galia Angelova; Svetla Boytcheva
Towards Temporal Segmentation of Patient History in Discharge Letters

Proceedings of The Second Workshop on Annotation and Exploitation of Parallel Corpora

W11-43 [bib]: Entire volume

W11-4300: Front Matter

W11-4301 [bib]: Preslav Nakov
Reusing Parallel Corpora between Related Languages

W11-4302 [bib]: Marilisa Amoia; Kerstin Kunz; Ekaterina Lapshinova-Koltunski
Discontinuous Constituents: a Problematic Case for Parallel Corpora Annotation and Querying

W11-4303 [bib]: Emeline Lecuit; Denis Maurel; Duško Vitas
A tagged and aligned corpus for the study of Proper Names in translation

W11-4304 [bib]: Manuela Sanguinetti; Cristina Bosco
Building the multilingual TUT parallel treebank

W11-4305 [bib]: Kiril Simov; Petya Osenova; Laska Laskova; Aleksandar Savkov; Stanislava Kancheva
Bulgarian-English Parallel Treebank: Word and Semantic Level Alignment

W11-4306 [bib]: Maria Stambolieva
Parallel Corpora in Aspectual Studies of Non-Aspect Languages

W11-4307 [bib]: Mara Tsoumari; Georgios Petasis
Coreference Annotator - A new annotation tool for aligned bilingual corpora

W11-4308 [bib]: Cristina Vertan; Monica Gavrila
Using Manual and Parallel Aligned Corpora for Machine Translation Services within an On-line Content Management System

Proceedings of the 9th International Workshop on Finite State Methods and Natural Language Processing

W11-44 [bib]: Entire volume

W11-4400: Front Matter

W11-4401 [bib]: Mark-Jan Nederhof
Intersection for Weighted Formalisms

W11-4402 [bib]: Christian Wurm
Modularization of Regular Growth Automata

W11-4403 [bib]: Tim Fernando
Finite-state Representations Embodying Temporal Relations

W11-4404 [bib]: Le-Minh Nguyen; Ngo Xuan Bach; Akira Shimazu
Supervised and Semi-Supervised Sequence Learning for Recognition of Requisite Part and Effectuation Part in Law Sentences

W11-4405 [bib]: Anssi Yli-Jyrä
Compiling Simple Context Restrictions with Nondeterministic Automata

W11-4406 [bib]: Mans Hulden
Constraint Grammar Parsing with Left and Right Sequential Finite Transducers

W11-4407 [bib]: Cvetana Krstev; Duško Vitas; Ivan Obradović; Miloš Utvić
E-Dictionaries and Finite-State Automata for the Recognition of Named Entities

W11-4408 [bib]: Thomas Hanneforth
A Practical Algorithm for Intersecting Weighted Context-free Grammars with Finite-State Automata

W11-4409 [bib]: Josef R. Novak; Nobuaki Minematsu; Keikichi Hirose
Open Source WFST Tools for LVCSR Cascade Development

W11-4410 [bib]: François Barthélemy; Serge Rosmorduc
Intersection of Multitape Transducers vs. Cascade of Binary Transducers: The Example of Egyptian Hieroglyphs Transliteration

W11-4411 [bib]: Sylvain Schmitz
A Note on Sequential Rule-Based POS Tagging

W11-4412 [bib]: James Kilbury; Katina Bontcheva; Younes Samih
FTrace: A Tool for Finite-State Morphology

W11-4413 [bib]: Suna Bensch; Frank Drewes; Helmut Jürgensen; Brink van der Merwe
Incremental Construction of Millstream Configurations Using Graph Transformation

W11-4414 [bib]: M. Inés Torres; Francisco Casacuberta
Stochastic K-TSS Bi-Languages for Machine Translation

W11-4415 [bib]: Panagiota Karanasou; François Yvon; Lori Lamel
Measuring the Confusability of Pronunciations in Speech Recognition

W11-4416 [bib]: Mohamed Altantawy; Nizar Habash; Owen Rambow
Fast Yet Rich Morphological Analysis

W11-4417 [bib]: Mohammed Attia; Pavel Pecina; Antonio Toral; Lamia Tounsi; Josef van Genabith
An Open-Source Finite State Morphological Transducer for Modern Standard Arabic

W11-4418 [bib]: Héla Fehri; Kais Haddar; Abdelmajid Ben Hamadou
Recognition and Translation of Arabic Named Entities with NooJ Using a New Representation Model

Proceedings of the 8th Brazilian Symposium in Information and Human Language Technology

W11-4500: Front Matter

W11-4501: Erick Galani Maziero; Thiago Alexandre Salgueiro Pardo
Multi-Document Discourse Parsing Using Traditional and Hierarchical Machine Learning

W11-4502: Horacio Saggion; Sandra Szasz
Multi-domain Cross-lingual Information Extraction from Clean and Noisy Texts

W11-4503: Carolina Evaristo Scarton
VerbNet.Br: construção semiautomática de um léxico computacional de verbos para o português do Brasil (VerbNet.Br: semiautomatic construction of a computational verb lexicon for Brazilian Portuguese) [in Portuguese]

W11-4504: Bianca Franco Pasqualini; Carolina Evaristo Scarton; Maria José B. Finatto
Comparando Avaliações de Inteligibilidade Textual entre Originais e Traduções de Textos Literários (Comparing Textual Intelligibility Evaluations among Literary Source Texts and their Translations) [in Portuguese]

W11-4505: Vládia Pinheiro; Vasco Furtado; Tarcísio Pequeno; Wellington Franco
Aquisição de Conhecimento de Senso Comum e Inferencialista (Acquisition of Common Sense and Inferentialist Knowledge [in Portuguese]

W11-4506: Maria José B. Finatto; Carolina Evaristo Scarton; Amanda Rocha; Sandra Aluísio
Características do jornalismo popular: avaliação da inteligibilidade e auxílio à descrição do gênero (Characteristics of Popular News: the Evaluation of Intelligibility and Support to the Genre Description) [in Portuguese]

W11-4507: Marlo Souza; Renata Vieira; Débora Busetti; Rove Chishman; Isa Mara Alves
Construction of a Portuguese Opinion Lexicon from multiple resources

W11-4508: Lianet Sepúlveda Torres; Sandra Maria Aluísio
Using machine learning methods to avoid the pitfall of cognates and false friends in Spanish-Portuguese word pairs

W11-4509: Vinícius Mourão Alves de Souza; Valéria Delisandra Feltrim
Análise automática de aspectos relacionados a coerência semântica em resumos acadêmicos (Automatic Analysis of Semantic Coherence Aspects in Academic Abstracts) [in Portuguese]

W11-4510: Anderson Bertoldi
Os Limites da Criação Automática de Léxicos Computacionais Baseados em Frames: Um Estudo Contrastivo do Frame Criminal_process (The Limits of the Automatic Creation of Frame-based Computational Lexicons: a Contrastive Study of the Criminal_process Frame) [in Portuguese]

W11-4511: Paulo Schreiner; Aline Villavicencio; Leonardo Zilio; Helena M. Caseli
Improving Lexical Alignment Using Hybrid Discriminative and Post-Processing Techniques

W11-4512: Josué Dantas; Rafael Oliveira; Hugo Santos; Nelson Neto; Aldebaro Klautau
Um Sistema para Melhorar a Usabilidade de um Gerenciador de Correio Eletrônico Baseado em Reconhecimento de Fala (A System for Improving the Usability of a E-mail Management Tool with Speech Recognition) [in Portuguese]

W11-4513: Igor S. Wendt; Renata Vieira
Extração de Contextos Definitórios a partir de Textos em Língua Portuguesa (Extraction of Defining Contexts from Texts in Portuguese) [in Portuguese]

W11-4514: Juliana Lilian Duque; Pablo Freire Matos; Cristina Dutra de Aguiar Ciferri; Thiago Alexandre Salgueiro Pardo; Ricardo Rodrigues Ciferri
Um Processo Baseado em Parágrafos para a Extração de Tratamentos em Artigos Científicos do Domínio Biomédico (A Paragraph-based Process to Extraction of Treatments from Biomedical Scientific Papers) [in Portuguese]

W11-4515: Maisa Cristina Duarte; Estevam R. Hruschka Jr.; Maria do Carmo Nicoletti
Minimização do Impacto do Problema de Desvio de Conceito por Meio de Acoplamento em Ambiente de Aprendizado Sem Fim (Minimizing the Impact of the Concept Drift Problem by Using a Framework of Endless Learning) [in Portuguese]

W11-4516: Arlindo Veiga; Sara Candeias; Fernando Perdigão
Generating a Pronunciation Dictionary for European Portuguese Using a Joint-Sequence Model with Embedded Stress Assignment

W11-4517: Vanessa Marquiafável; Claudia Zavaglia
Transcrição fonética automática para lemas em verbetes de dicionários do Português do Brasil (Automatic Phonetic Transcription of Lemmas for Entries in Brazilian Portuguese Dictionaries) [in Portuguese]

W11-4518: Marcelo Rodrigues de Holanda Maia; Geraldo Bonorino Xexéo
Part-of-Speech Tagging of Portuguese Using Hidden Markov Models with Character Language Model Emissions

W11-4519: Magali Sanches Duran; Sandra Maria Aluísio
Propbank-Br: a Brazilian Portuguese corpus annotated with semantic role labels

W11-4520: Josué G. Araujo; Helena M. Caseli
Combining Models for the Alignment of Parallel Syntactic Trees

W11-4521: Paulo Júnior Varela; Edson J. R. Justino; Luiz E. S. Oliveira
Identificação de Autoria de Textos através do uso de Classes Linguísticas da Língua Portuguesa (Authorship Identification Using Linguistic Classes for Portuguese) [in Portuguese]

W11-4522: Thiago Lima Vieira; Helena de Medeiros Caseli
PorTAl: Recursos e Ferramentas de Tradução Automática para o Português do Brasil (PorTAl: Resources and Tools for Machine Translation of Brazilian Portuguese) [in Portuguese]

W11-4523: Alejandro Mosquera; Paloma Moreda
The Use of Metrics for Measuring Informality Levels in Web 2.0 Texts

W11-4524: Patricia Nunes Goncalves; Antônio Horta Branco
Uma abordagem de classificação automática para Tipo de Pergunta e Tipo de Resposta (An Automatic Approach for Classification of Question Type and Answer Type) [in Portuguese]

W11-4525: Rafael Antonangelo Molina; Margarethe Born Steinberger-Elias
Criando um corpus sobre desastres climáticos com apoio da ferramenta NLTK (Creating a Corpus about Climate Disasters with the Support of the NLTK Tool) [in Portuguese]

W11-4526: Fábio Filocomo; Marcelo Finger; Diogo F. C. Patrão
Resolução da Heterogeneidade na Identificação de Pacientes (Resolution of Heterogeneity in the Identification of Patients) [in Portuguese]

W11-4527: William Paulo Ducca Fernandes; Eduardo Motta; Ruy Luiz Milidiú
Quotation Extraction for Portuguese

W11-4528: Rafael Martins Feitosa; Dante A. C. Barone; André G. Adami
CC/SBTVD e Reconhecimento de Fala para Português Brasileiro: tentando preencher uma lacuna de Corpus de Fala (CC/SBTVD and Speech Recognition for Brazilian Portuguese: Trying to Fill the Lack of a Speech Corpus) [in Portuguese]

W11-4529: Leonardo Zilio; Luiz Svoboda; Luiz Henrique Longhi Rossi; Rafael Martins Feitosa
Automatic extraction and evaluation of MWE

W11-4530: José Saias; Paulo Quaresma
Semantic Networks and Spreading Activation Process for QA improvement on text answers

W11-4531: Maria Lucía Castro Jorge; Thiago Alexandre Salgueiro Pardo
A Generative Approach for Multi-Document Summarization using Semantic-Discursive information

W11-4532: Isa Mara da Rosa Alves; Rove Luiza de Oliveira Chishman
Uma proposta de representação das relações de polissemia em wordnets (A Proposal for the Representation of Polysemy Relations in Wordnets) [in Portuguese]

W11-4533: Wilker Aziz; Lucia Specia
Fully Automatic Compilation of Portuguese-English and Portuguese-Spanish Parallel Corpora

Proceedings of the 18th Nordic Conference of Computational Linguistics (NODALIDA 2011)

W11-46 [bib]: Entire volume

W11-4600: Front Matter

W11-4601 [bib]: Guntis Bārzdiņš
Invited Paper: When FrameNet meets a Controlled Natural Language

W11-4602 [bib]: Joakim Nivre
Invited Paper: Bare-Bones Dependency Parsing – A Case for Occam's Razor?

W11-4603 [bib]: Bonnie Webber
Invited Paper: Discourse Structures and Language Technologies

W11-4604 [bib]: Hector Martinez Alonso; Núria Bel; Bolette Sandford Pedersen
Identification of sense selection in regular polysemy using shallow features

W11-4605 [bib]: Niels Beuck; Arne Köhn; Wolfgang Menzel
Decision Strategies for Incremental POS Tagging

W11-4606 [bib]: Eckhard Bick
A FrameNet for Danish

W11-4607 [bib]: Anne Bjerre
Extraction from relative and embedded interrogative clauses in Danish

W11-4608 [bib]: Loïc Boizou
The Formal Patterns of the Lithuanian Verb Forms

W11-4609 [bib]: Lars Borin; Markus Forsberg; Christer Ahlberger
Semantic search in literature as an e-Humanities research tool: CONPLISIT – Consumption patterns and life-style in 19th century Swedish literature

W11-4610 [bib]: Estelle Delpech
Evaluation of terminologies acquired from comparable corpora: an application perspective

W11-4611 [bib]: Eirini Florou; Stasinos Konstantopoulos
A Quantitative and Qualitative Analysis of Nordic Surnames

W11-4612 [bib]: Gintarė Grigonytė; Erika Rimkutė; Andrius Utka; Loïc Boizou
Experiments on Lithuanian Term Extraction

W11-4613 [bib]: Peter Juel Henrichsen
Fishing in a Speech Stream – Angling for a Lexicon

W11-4614 [bib]: Ingemar Hjälmstad; Martin Duneld; Maria Skeppstedt
The Impact of Part-of-Speech Filtering on Generation of a Swedish-Japanese Dictionary Using English as Pivot Language

W11-4615 [bib]: Maria Holmqvist; Lars Ahrenberg
A Gold Standard for English-Swedish Word Alignment

W11-4616 [bib]: Silja Huttunen; Arto Vihavainen; Peter von Etter; Roman Yangarber
Relevance Prediction in Information Extraction using Discourse and Lexical Features

W11-4617 [bib]: Janne Bondi Johannessen; Emiliano Raúl Guevara
What kind of corpus is a web corpus?

W11-4618 [bib]: Heiki-Jaan Kaalep; Kadri Muischnek
Morphological analysis of a non-standard language variety

W11-4619 [bib]: Peter Ljunglöf
Editing Syntax Trees on the Surface

W11-4620 [bib]: Kristiina Muhonen; Krister Lindén
Do wordnets also improve human performance on NLP tasks?

W11-4621 [bib]: Costanza Navarretta; Elisabeth Ahlsén; Jens Allwood; Kristiina Jokinen; Patrizia Paggio
Creating Comparable Multimodal Corpora for Nordic Languages

W11-4622 [bib]: Taraka Rama; Lars Borin
Estimating Language Relationships from a Parallel Corpus. A Study of the Europarl Corpus

W11-4623 [bib]: Robert Remus
Improving Sentence-level Subjectivity Classification through Readability Measurement

W11-4624 [bib]: Rico Sennrich; Martin Volk
Iterative, MT-based Sentence Alignment of Parallel Texts

W11-4625 [bib]: Miikka Silfverberg; Krister Lindén
Combining Statistical Models for POS Tagging using Finite-State Calculus

W11-4626 [bib]: Raivis Skadiņš; Tatiana Gornostay; Valters Šics
Toponym Disambiguation in an English-Lithuanian SMT System with Spatial Knowledge

W11-4627 [bib]: Christian Smith; Arne Jönsson
Automatic summarization as means of simplifying texts, an evaluation for Swedish

W11-4628 [bib]: Anders Søgaard
Using graphical models for PP attachment

W11-4629 [bib]: Sofia Strömbergsson
Corrective re-synthesis of deviant speech using unit selection

W11-4630 [bib]: Bea Valkenier; Dirkjan Krijnders; Ronald A.J. van Elburg; Tjeerd C. Andringa
Psycho-acoustically motivated formant feature extraction

W11-4631 [bib]: Erik Velldal
Random Indexing Re-Hashed

W11-4632 [bib]: Sami Virpioja; Oskar Kohonen; Krista Lagus
Evaluating the effect of word frequencies in a probabilistic generative model of morphology

W11-4633 [bib]: Martin Volk; Rico Sennrich
Disambiguation of English Contractions for Machine Translation of TV Subtitles

W11-4634 [bib]: Hannes Wettig; Roman Yangarber
Probabilistic Models for Alignment of Etymological Data

W11-4635 [bib]: Michael Wiegand; Dietrich Klakow
Convolution Kernels for Subjectivity Detection

W11-4636 [bib]: Anssi Yli-Jyrä
Explorations on Positionwise Flag Diacritics in Finite-State Morphology

W11-4637 [bib]: Per Almquist; Jussi Karlgren
Experiments to investigate the utility of nearest neighbour metrics based on linguistically informed features for detecting textual plagiarism

W11-4638 [bib]: Daiga Deksne; Raivis Skadiņš
CFG based grammar checker for Latvian

W11-4639 [bib]: Ann-Marie Eklund
Query Constraining Aspects of Knowledge–A Case Study

W11-4640 [bib]: Jody Foo
A First Effort to Create A Categorization Scheme for Analyzing a Handbook of Swedish Writing Rules

W11-4641 [bib]: Martin Duneld; Aron Henriksson; Sumithra Velupillai
Something Old, Something New – Applying a Pre-trained Parsing Model to Clinical Swedish

W11-4642 [bib]: Christian Hänig
Knowledge-free Verb Detection through Tag Sequence Alignment

W11-4643 [bib]: Anders Johannsen; Bolette Sandford Pedersen
“Andre ord” – a wordnet browser for the Danish wordnet, DanNet

W11-4644 [bib]: Tommi Pirinen
Modularisation of Finnish Finite-State Language Description – Towards Wide Collaboration in Open Source Development of a Morphological Analyser

W11-4645 [bib]: Lauma Pretkalniņa; Gunta Nešpore; Kristīne Levāne-Petrova; Baiba Saulīte
A Prague Markup Language profile for the SemTi-Kamols grammar model

W11-4646 [bib]: Anju Saxena; Lars Borin
Dialect classification in the Himalayas: a computational approach

W11-4647 [bib]: Anne-Kathrin Schumann
Extraction of Knowledge-Rich Contexts in Russian – A Study in the Automotive Domain

W11-4648 [bib]: Sara Stymne
Iterative reordering and word alignment for statistical MT

W11-4649 [bib]: Atro Voutilainen; Tanja Purtonen
A double-blind experiment on interannotator agreement: the case of dependency syntax and Finnish

W11-4650 [bib]: Kenneth Wilhelmsson
Automatic Question Generation from Swedish Documents as a Tool for Information Extraction

W11-4651 [bib]: Angel Genov; Georgi Iliev
Linguistic Motivation in Automatic Sentence Alignment of Parallel Corpora: the Case of Danish-Bulgarian and English-Bulgarian

W11-4652 [bib]: Gideon Kotzé
Finding statistically motivated features influencing subtree alignment performance

W11-4653 [bib]: Marius Olaussen
Evaluating the speech quality of the Norwegian synthetic voice Brage

W11-4654 [bib]: Mojgan Seraji
A Statistical Part-of-Speech Tagger for Persian

W11-4655 [bib]: Anastasia Shimorina; Maria Grachkova
Identification of context markers for Russian nouns