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Proceedings of the 24th Pacific Asia Conference on Language, Information and Computation

Y10-1000: Front Matter

Y10-1001 [bib]: Masataka Goto; Jun Ogata
PodCastle: A Spoken Document Retrieval Service Improved by Anonymous User Contributions

Y10-1002 [bib]: Julia Hockenmaier
The Future Role of Language Resources for Natural Language Parsing (We Won't Be Able to Rely on Pierre Vinken Rorever... or Will We Have to?)

Y10-1003 [bib]: Thomas Hun-Tak Lee
The Acquisition of Word Order in a Topic-prominent Language: Corpus Findings and Experimental Investigation

Y10-1004 [bib]: Sachiko Ide
How and Why Two Strangers Can Co-create a Story: An Application of the `Ba'-Theory Based Approach to the Discourse

Y10-1005 [bib]: Hideyuki Nakashima
Situated Language: Case of Japanese

Y10-1006 [bib]: Stanley Peters
Listening In

Y10-1007 [bib]: Hee-Rahk Chae
Basic Units of Lexicons and Ontologies: Words, Senses and Concepts

Y10-1008 [bib]: Shirley N. Dita
A Morphosyntactic Analysis of the Pronominal System of Philippine Languages

Y10-1009 [bib]: Qun Liu; Yang Liu; Haitai Mi
Statistical Translation Model Based On Source Syntax Structure

Y10-1010 [bib]: Xiaopeng Bai; Hui Wang
Lexical Semantics-Syntactic Model for Defining and Subcategorizing Attribute Noun Class

Y10-1011 [bib]: Shishir Bhattacharja
Benglish Verbs: A Case of Code-mixing in Bengali

Y10-1012 [bib]: Alex Chengyu Fang; Jing Cao
Enhanced Genre Classification through Linguistically Fine-Grained POS Tags

Y10-1013 [bib]: Dipankar Das; Sivaji Bandyopadhyay
Identifying Emotional Expressions, Intensities and Sentence Level Emotion Tags Using a Supervised Framework

Y10-1014 [bib]: Christopher Davis
Decision Theory and Discourse Particles: A Case Study from a Large Japanese Sentiment Corpus

Y10-1015 [bib]: Asif Ekbal; Sriparna Saha; Md. Hasanuzzaman
Finding Appropriate Subset of Votes Per Classifier Using Multiobjective Optimization: Application to Named Entity Recognition

Y10-1016 [bib]: Olga Fedorova; Ekaterina Delikishkina; Anna Uspenskaya
Experimental Approach to Reference in Discourse: Working Memory Capacity and Language Comprehension in Russian

Y10-1017 [bib]: Jason Ginsburg
A Computational Model of Language Generation Applied to Japanese Wh-questions

Y10-1018 [bib]: Thomas Gross
Chains in Syntax and Morphology

Y10-1019 [bib]: Md. Hasanuzzaman; Sriparna Saha; Asif Ekbal
Feature Subset Selection Using Genetic Algorithm for Named Entity Recognition

Y10-1020 [bib]: Muhammad Humayoun; Aarne Ranta
Developing Punjabi Morphology, Corpus and Lexicon

Y10-1021 [bib]: Hayeon Jang; Hyopil Shin
Effective Use of Linguistic Features for Sentiment Analysis of Korean

Y10-1022 [bib]: Jong-Bok Kim; Nam-Guen Lee; Yae-shiek Lee
Word Order and NP Structure in Korean: A Constraint Based Approach

Y10-1023 [bib]: Chungmin Lee
Evidentials and Epistemic Modal in Korean: Evidence from Their Intractions

Y10-1024 [bib]: Gyu-hyung Lee; Ye-seul Park; Yong-hun Lee
Implementation of Korean Syllable Structures in the Typed Feature Structure Formalism

Y10-1025 [bib]: Hanjung Lee; Haejeong Choi
Focus Types and Subject-Object Asymmetry in Korean Case Ellipsis: A New Look at Focus Effects

Y10-1026 [bib]: Kiyong Lee; Jonathan Webster; Alex Chengyu Fang
eSpatialML: An Event-Driven Spatial Annotation Framework

Y10-1027 [bib]: Hao Li; Xiang Li; Heng Ji; Yuval Marton
Domain-Independent Novel Event Discovery and Semi-Automatic Event Annotation

Y10-1028 [bib]: Ruli Manurung; Bayu Distiawan; Desmond Darma Putra
Developing an Online Indonesian Corpora Repository

Y10-1029 [bib]: Hiroaki Nakamura
Topicalization and Truth Conditions: A Categorial Account

Y10-1030 [bib]: Jonathon Read; Jonathan Webster; Alex Chengyu Fang
Unsupervised Classification of Biomedical Abstracts Using Lexical Association

Y10-1031 [bib]: Byong-Rae Ryu
Licensing Nominals in the Multiple Nominative Constructions in Korean: A Mereological Perspective

Y10-1032 [bib]: Kazutaka Shimada; Noriko Tanamachi; Tsutomu Endo
Combination of 3 Types of Speech Recognizers for Anaphora Resolution

Y10-1033 [bib]: Kingkarn Thepkanjana; Satoshi Uehara
Syntactic and Semantic Discrepancies among the Verbs for `kill' in English, Chinese and Thai

Y10-1034 [bib]: Hongzhi Xu; Kai Zhao; Likun Qiu; Changjian Hu
Expanding Chinese Sentiment Dictionaries from Large Scale Unlabeled Corpus

Y10-1035 [bib]: Yoshie Yamamori
Representing Events in Japanese Complex Predicates

Y10-1036 [bib]: Yuhang Yang; Hao Yu; Yao Meng; Yingliang Lu; Yingju Xia
Fault-Tolerant Learning for Term Extraction

Y10-1037 [bib]: Richard Zuber
Syntactically Complex Demonstratives and Sortal Inherency

Y10-1038 [bib]: Sergey Afonin
On Automated Hyperonym Hierarchy Construction Using an Internet Search Engine

Y10-1039 [bib]: Songiy Baik; Hee-Rahk Chae
An Ontological Analysis of Japanese and Chinese Kinship Terms

Y10-1040 [bib]: Mei-hua Chen; Chung-chi Huang; Shih-ting Huang; Jason S. Chang
GRASP: Grammar- and Syntax-based Pattern-Finder for Collocation and Phrase Learning

Y10-1041 [bib]: Sandipan Dandapat; Sara Morrissey; Sudip Kumar Naskar; Harold Somers
Mitigating Problems in Analogy-based EBMT with SMT and vice versa: A Case Study with Named Entity Transliteration

Y10-1042 [bib]: Olga Fedorova
Why the English Easiest Type Became the Hardest in Russian, or Russian Adults' Comprehension of before and after sentences

Y10-1043 [bib]: Mark Fishel
Simpler Is Better: Re-evaluation of Default Word Alignment Models in Statistical MT

Y10-1044 [bib]: Serge Heiden
The TXM Platform: Building Open-Source Textual Analysis Software Compatible with the TEI Encoding Scheme

Y10-1045 [bib]: Jia-Fei Hong; Sue-Jin Ker; Chu-Ren Huang; Kathleen Ahrens
Using Corpus-based Linguistic Approaches in Sense Prediction Study

Y10-1046 [bib]: Shuang Hong
Synthetic Compounds in Mandarin

Y10-1047 [bib]: Darren Hsin-hung Lin; Shelley Ching-yu Hsieh
The Specialized Vocabulary of Modern Patent Language: Semantic Associations in Patent Lexis

Y10-1048 [bib]: Juliano Paiva Junho; Yumi Jo; Hyopil Shin
The KOLON System: Tools for Ontological Natural Language Processing in Korean

Y10-1049 [bib]: Wakako Kashino; Manabu Okumura
An Approach toward Register Classification of Book Samples in the Balanced Corpus of Contemporary Written Japanese

Y10-1050 [bib]: Jong-Bok Kim; Jaehyung Yang; Sanghoun Song
A Computational Treatment of Korean Serial Verb Constructions

Y10-1051 [bib]: Anup Kumar Kolya; Asif Ekbal; Sivaji Bandyopadhyay
A Supervised Machine Learning Approach for Event-Event Relation Identification

Y10-1052 [bib]: Kow Kuroda
Arguments for Parallel Distributed Parsing: Toward the Integration of Lexical and Sublexical (Semantic) Parsings

Y10-1053 [bib]: Paul Law
Scrambling of Wh-phrases in Japanese

Y10-1054 [bib]: Younghee Lee; Byong-Rae Ryu
A Comparative Study on the Aspectual Classification of Korean and Japanese Verbs in Relation to `-ess-' `-essess-' in Korean and `sudeni'in Japanese

Y10-1055 [bib]: Yusuke Miyao; Alastair Butler; Kei Yoshimoto; Jun'ichi Tsujii
A Modular Architecture for the Wide-Coverage Translation of Natural Language Texts into Predicate Logic Formulas

Y10-1056 [bib]: Prakash Mondal
Toward a Unified Computational Model of Quantificational Scope Readings

Y10-1057 [bib]: Sumiyo Nishiguchi
CCG of Japanese Sentence-final Particles

Y10-1058 [bib]: Akira Otani; Mark Steedman
A Multi-Dimensional Analysis of Japanese Benefactives: The Case of the Yaru-Construction

Y10-1059 [bib]: Siripong Potisuk
Typed Dependency Relations for Syntactic Analysis of Thai Sentences

Y10-1060 [bib]: Fatiha Sadat
Exploiting a Multilingual Web-based Encyclopedia for Bilingual Terminology Extraction

Y10-1061 [bib]: Karl-André Skevik
Language Homogeneity in the Japanese Wikipedia

Y10-1062 [bib]: Qi Su; Helen Kai-yun Chen; Chu-Ren Huang
Incorporate Credibility into Context for the Best Social Media Answers

Y10-1063 [bib]: Pinaki Bhaskar; Sivaji Bandyopadhyay
A Query Focused Multi Document Automatic Summarization

Y10-1064 [bib]: Marek Grác; Miloš Jakubíček; Vojtěch Kovář
Through Low-Cost Annotation to Reliable Parsing Evaluation

Y10-1065 [bib]: Ryan Spring
A Look into the Acquisition of English Motion Event Conflation by Native Speakers of Chinese and Japanese

Y10-1066 [bib]: Shuiying Yao
Stage/Individual-level Predicates, Topics and Indefinite Subjects

Y10-1067 [bib]: Xing Zhang; Yan Song; Alex Chengyu Fang
How Well Conditional Random Fields Can be Used in Novel Term Recognition

Y10-1068 [bib]: Fahad Alotaiby; Salah Foda; Ibrahim Alkharashi
Clitics in Arabic Language: A Statistical Study

Y10-1069 [bib]: Evan Liz Cantoja Buhay; Marie Joy Padilla Evardone; Hansel Baguio Nocon; Davis Muhajereen Dimalen; Rachel Edita Roxas
AUTOLEX: An Automatic Lexicon Builder for Minority Languages Using an Open Corpus

Y10-1070 [bib]: Yue Chen
Improving Information Extraction Using Knowledge Model

Y10-1071 [bib]: Dipankar Das; Sivaji Bandyopadhyay
Finding Emotion Holder from Bengali Blog Texts---An Unsupervised Syntactic Approach

Y10-1072 [bib]: Fumiko Kano Glückstad
Terminological Ontology and Cognitive Processes in Translation

Y10-1073 [bib]: Naoki Ishikawa; Ryo Nishimura; Yasuhiko Watanabe; Masaki Murata; Yoshihiro Okada
Detection of Users Suspected of Pretending to Be Other Users in a Community Site by Using Messages Submitted to Non-Target Categories

Y10-1074 [bib]: Tatsuya Ishisaka; Kazuhide Yamamoto
Detecting Nasty Comments from BBS Posts

Y10-1075 [bib]: Masahiro Kojima; Masaki Murata; Jun'ichi Kazama; Kow Kuroda; Atsushi Fujita; Eiji Aramaki; Masaaki Tsuchida; Yasuhiko Watanabe; Kentaro Torisawa
Using Various Features in Machine Learning to Obtain High Levels of Performance for Recognition of Japanese Notational Variants

Y10-1076 [bib]: Sang-hee Park
Korean Kes-Relative Clauses as Stages

Y10-1077 [bib]: Mutee U Rahman Muslim; Mohammad Iqbal Bhatti
Finite State Morphology and Sindhi Noun Inflections

Y10-1078 [bib]: Ju-Yeon Ryu; Kaoru Horie; Yasuhiro Shirai
The Acquisition of Imperfective Aspect Marking in Korean as a Second Language by Japanese Learners

Y10-1079 [bib]: Ryosuke Tadano; Kazutaka Shimada; Tsutomu Endo
Multi-aspects Review Summarization Based on Identification of Important Opinions and their Similarity

Y10-1080 [bib]: Kazuki Takigawa; Masaki Murata; Masaaki Tsuchida; Stijn De Saeger; Kazuhide Yamamoto; Kentaro Torisawa
Generation of Summaries that Appropriately and Adequately Express the Contents of Original Documents Using Word-Association Knowledge

Y10-1081 [bib]: Shan Wang; Chu-Ren Huang
Adjectival Modification to Nouns in Mandarin Chinese: Case Studies on ``cháng+noun'' and ``adjective+tú shū gu n''

Y10-1082 [bib]: Shan Wang; Chu-Ren Huang
Compositional Operations of Mandarin Chinese Perception Verb ``kàn'': A Generative Lexicon Approach

Y10-1083 [bib]: Janne Bondi Johannessen
Workshop on Advanced Corpus Solutions

Y10-1084 [bib]: Eckhard Bick
Degrees of Orality in Speech-like Corpora: Comparative Annotation of Chat and E-mail Corpora

Y10-1085 [bib]: Johannes Goller
Parallel Suffix Arrays for Corpus Exploration

Y10-1086 [bib]: Miloš Jakubíček; Adam Kilgarriff; Diana McCarthy; Pavel Rychlý
Fast Syntactic Searching in Very Large Corpora for Many Languages

Y10-1087 [bib]: Janne Bondi Johannessen; Joel Priestley; Anders Nøklestad
A Multilingual Speech Resource: The Nordic Dialect Corpus

Y10-1088 [bib]: Jan Pieter Kunst; Franca Wesseling
Dialect Corpora Taken Further: The DynaSAND Corpus and Its Application in Newer Tools

Y10-1089 [bib]: James Wilson; Anthony Hartley; Serge Sharoff; Paul Stephenson
Advanced Corpus Solutions for Humanities Researchers

Y10-1090 [bib]: Mitsuko Yamura-Takei; Miho Fujiwara; Etsuko Yoshida
Entity Coherence in Comparable Learner Corpora: Seeking Pedagogical Insights

Y10-1091 [bib]: Hintat Cheung; Yann Desalle; Karine Duvignau; Bruno Gaume; Chunhan Chang; Pierre Magistry
The Use of a Cultural Protocol for Quantifying Cultural Variations in Comparing Verb Semantic between Chinese and French

Y10-1092 [bib]: Amitava Das; Sivaji Bandyopadhyay
Towards the Global SentiWordNet

Y10-1093 [bib]: Yann Desalle; Shu-Kai Hsieh; Bruno Gaume; Hintat Cheung
Towards an Automatic Measurement of Verbal Lexicon Acquisition: The Case for a Young Children-versus-Adults Classification in French and Mandarin

Y10-1094 [bib]: Benoît Gaillard; Yannick Chudy; Pierre Magistry; Shu-Kai Hsieh; Emmanuel Navarro
Graph Representation of Synonymy and Translation Resources for Crosslinguistic Modelisation of Meaning

Y10-1095 [bib]: Ching-Fen Pan
Exploring Chinese Verbal Lexicon Developmental Trend with Semantic Space

Y10-1096 [bib]: Laurent Prévot; Chun-Han Chang; Yann Desalle
Computational Modeling of Verb Acquisition, from a Monolingual to a Bilingual Study

Y10-1097 [bib]: Petr Šimon; Chu-Ren Huang
Cross-sortal Predication and Polysemy

Y10-1098 [bib]: Te-Hsin Wu
Verb Use in Chinese Children: Extensibility of Instrument

Y10-1099 [bib]: Roland Hausser
Natural Language Production in Database Semantics

Y10-1100 [bib]: Chungmin Lee
Change of Location and Change of State: How Telicity is Attained

Y10-1101 [bib]: Kyung An Song
Various Evidentials in Korean

Y10-1102 [bib]: Benjamin T'sou
A Note on Pseudo-comparatives like ``John is rich like X!'' and ``Like X, John is rich!''