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Proceedings of the 25th Pacific Asia Conference on Language, Information and Computation

Y11-1000: Front Matter

Y11-1001 [bib]: Jian Qu
Web based English-Chinese OOV term translation using Adaptive rules and Recursive feature selection

Y11-1002 [bib]: Oi Yee Kwong
English-Chinese Name Transliteration with Bi-Directional Syllable-Based Maximum Matching

Y11-1003 [bib]: Yinggong Zhao; Yangsheng Ji; Ning Xi; Shujian Huang; Jiajun Chen
Language Model Weight Adaptation Based on Cross-entropy for Statistical Machine Translation

Y11-1004 [bib]: Petter Haugereid
A grammar design accommodating packed argument frame information on verbs

Y11-1005 [bib]: Akira Ohtani; Takeo Kurafuji
Quantification and the Garden Path Effect Reduction: The Case of Universally Quantified Subjects

Y11-1006 [bib]: Ethel Ong; Stephanie Abella; Lawrence Santos; Dennis Tiu
A Simple Surface Realizer for Filipino

Y11-1007 [bib]: Oi Yee Kwong
Measuring Concept Concreteness from the Lexicographic Perspective

Y11-1008 [bib]: Chiou-shing Yeh; Huei-ling Lai
Logical Information Processing of Possibility and Negation: Cases from Taiwanese Hakka

Y11-1009 [bib]: Pui Lun Chow
The Syntax-Semantics Interface of Resultative Constructions in Mandarin Chinese and Cantonese

Y11-1010 [bib]: Yingju Xia; Yuhang Yang; Shu Zhang; Hao Yu
Automatic Wrapper Generation and Maintenance

Y11-1011 [bib]: Mike Tian-Jian Jiang; Cheng-Wei Shih; Richard Tzong-Han Tsai; Wen-Lian Hsu
Evaluation via Negativa of Chinese Word Segmentation for Information Retrieval

Y11-1012 [bib]: Yu Hong; Jun Lu; Shiqi Zhao
Factual or Satisfactory: What Search Results Are Better?

Y11-1013 [bib]: Wenhan Chao; Zhoujun Li
A Graph-based Bilingual Corpus Selection Approach for SMT

Y11-1014 [bib]: Thet Thet Zin; Khin Mar Soe; Ni Lar Thein
Myanmar Phrases Translation Model with Morphological Analysis for Statistical Myanmar to English Translation System

Y11-1015 [bib]: Niladri Chatterjee; Renu Balyan
Context Resolution of Verb Particle Constructions for English to Hindi Translation

Y11-1016 [bib]: Juan Luo; Adrien Lardilleux; Yves Lepage
Improving Sampling-based Alignment by Investigating the Distribution of N-grams in Phrase Translation Tables

Y11-1017 [bib]: Philippe Blache; Stéphane Rauzy
Predicting Linguistic Difficulty by Means of a Morpho-Syntactic Probabilistic Model

Y11-1018 [bib]: Huidan Liu; Minghua Nuo; Longlong Ma; Jian Wu; Yeping He
Tibetan Word Segmentation as Syllable Tagging Using Conditional Random Field

Y11-1019 [bib]: Shalmalee Pitale
Plural Problems in the Nominal Morphology of Marathi

Y11-1020 [bib]: Ju-Yeon Ryu
The L1 Acquisition of the Imperfective Aspect markers in Korean: a Comparison with Japanese

Y11-1021 [bib]: Bing Liang; Takehito Utsuro; Mikio Yamamoto
Semi-Automatic Identification of Bilingual Synonymous Technical Terms from Phrase Tables and Parallel Patent Sentences

Y11-1022 [bib]: Tomoki Nagase; Hajime Tsukada; Katsunori Kotani; Nobutoshi Hatanaka; Yoshiyuki Sakamoto
Automatic Error Analysis Based on Grammatical Questions

Y11-1023 [bib]: Zhongguang Zheng; Yao Meng; Hao Yu
Maximum Entropy Based Lexical Reordering Model for Hierarchical Phrase-based Machine Translation

Y11-1024 [bib]: Eckhard Bick
A Bare-bones Constraint Grammar

Y11-1025 [bib]: Antske Fokkens; Yi Zhang; Emily M. Bender
Spring Cleaning and Grammar Compression: Two Techniques for Detection of Redundancy in HPSG Grammars

Y11-1026 [bib]: Nay Yee Lin; Khin Mar Soe; Ni Lar Thein
Developing a Chunk-based Grammar Checker for Translated English Sentences

Y11-1027 [bib]: Nurril Hirfana Bte Mohamed Noor; Suerya Sapuan; Francis Bond
Creating the Open Wordnet Bahasa

Y11-1028 [bib]: Paul Cook; Graeme Hirst
Automatic identification of words with novel but infrequent senses

Y11-1029 [bib]: Oi Yee Kwong
Annotating the Structure and Semantics of Fables

Y11-1030 [bib]: Smriti Singh; Vaijayanthi M Sarma
Verbal Inflection in Hindi: A Distributed Morphology Approach

Y11-1031 [bib]: Meladel Mistica; Timothy Baldwin; I Wayan Arka
Word classes in Indonesian: A linguistic reality or a convenient fallacy in natural language processing?

Y11-1032 [bib]: Jon Patrick; Dung Nguyen
Automated Proof Reading of Clinical Notes

Y11-1033 [bib]: Mike Symonds; Peter Bruza; Laurianne Sitbon; Ian Turner
Modelling Word Meaning using Efficient Tensor Representations

Y11-1034 [bib]: Hans-Peter Zorn; Iryna Gurevych
A Study of Sense-Disambiguated Networks Induced from Folksonomies

Y11-1035 [bib]: Heyan Huang; Zhizhuo Yang; Ping Jian
Unsupervised Word Sense Disambiguation Using Neighborhood Knowledge

Y11-1036 [bib]: Erlyn Manguilimotan; Yuji Matsumoto
Dependency-based Analysis for Tagalog Sentences

Y11-1037 [bib]: Marek Grac
Case study of BushBank concept

Y11-1038 [bib]: Liling Tan; Francis Bond
Building and Annotating the Linguistically Diverse NTU-MC (NTU-Multilingual Corpus)

Y11-1039 [bib]: Timothy Baldwin; Patrick Ye; Fabian Bohnert; Ingrid Zukerman
In Situ Text Summarisation for Museum Visitors

Y11-1040 [bib]: Yi-Hsun Lee; Chung-Yao Chuang; Wen-Lian Hsu
Iteratively Estimating Pattern Reliability and Seed Quality With Extraction Consistency

Y11-1041 [bib]: Nutcha Tirasaroj; Wirote Aroonmanakun
The Effect of Answer Patterns for Supervised Named Entity Recognition in Thai

Y11-1042 [bib]: Oanh Thi Tran; Bach Xuan Ngo; Minh Le Nguyen; Akira Shimazu
A Listwise Approach to Coreference Resolution in Multiple Languages

Y11-1043 [bib]: Fang Kong; Guodong Zhou
Combining Dependency and Constituent-based Syntactic Information for Anaphoricity Determination in Coreference Resolution

Y11-1044 [bib]: Yong Ren; Nobuhiro Kaji; Naoki Yoshinaga; Masashi Toyoda; Masaru Kitsuregawa
Sentiment Classification in Resource-Scarce Languages by using Label Propagation

Y11-1045 [bib]: Wanyin Li; Qin Lu
A Hybrid Extraction Model for Chinese Noun/Verb Synonymous bi-gram Collocations

Y11-1046 [bib]: Paul Law
Word-order and argument-marking: Japanese vs Chinese vs Naxi

Y11-1047 [bib]: Timothy Israel Santos; Rowena Cristina Guevara
Classification of Filipino Speech Rhythm Using Computational and Perceptual Approach

Y11-1048 [bib]: Kexiu Yin
Disfluencies in Consecutive Interpreting among Undergraduates in the Language Lab Environment in the final version

Y11-1049 [bib]: Lin Dai; Heyan Huang
An English-Chinese Cross-lingual Word Semantic Similarity Measure Exploring Attributes and Relations

Y11-1050 [bib]: Enya Kong Tang; Zaharin Yusoff; Christian Boitet
Learning-to-Translate Based on the S-SSTC Annotation Schema

Y11-1051 [bib]: Faisal Alshuwaier; Ali Areshey
Translating English Names to Arabic Using Phonotactic Rules

Y11-1052 [bib]: Yi-Hsuan Chuang; Chao-Lin Liu; Jing-Shin Chang
Translating Common English and Chinese Verb-Noun Pairs in Technical Documents with Collocational and Bilingual Information

Y11-1053 [bib]: Tamotsu Shirado; Satoko Marumoto; Masaki Murata; Hitoshi Isahara
System for Flexibly Judging the Misuse of Honorifics in Japanese

Y11-1054 [bib]: Shan Wang; Chu-Ren Huang
Compound Event Nouns of the ‘Modifier-head’ Type in Mandarin Chinese

Y11-1055 [bib]: Jingxia Lin; Chu-Ren Huang
The Co-occurrence of Two Delimiters: An Investigation of Mandarin Chinese Resultatives

Y11-1056 [bib]: Jingxia Lin
The Order of Mandarin Chinese Motion Morphemes and the “Scalar Specificity Constraint”

Y11-1057 [bib]: Francesca Strik Lievers
Verbs and (sub)Event Structure: A Case Study from Italian

Y11-1058 [bib]: Yi-chen Chen; Huei-ling Lai
The Effects of EFL Learners’ Awareness and Retention in Learning Metaphoric and Metonymic Expressions

Y11-1059 [bib]: Yong Soo Fong; Bali Ranaivo Malanҫon; Alvin Yeo Wee
NERSIL - the Named-Entity Recognition System for Iban Language

Y11-1060 [bib]: Yoon-Hyung Roh; Ki-Young Lee; Young-Gil Kim
Improving PP Attachment Disambiguation in a Rule-based Parser

Y11-1061 [bib]: Kota Takeya; Yves Lepage
Fully-Automatic Marker-based Chunking in 11 European Languages and Counts of the Number of Analogies between Chunks

Y11-1062 [bib]: Qing Ma; Shinya Sakagami; Masaki Murata
Extraction of Broad-Scale, High-Precision Japanese-English Parallel Translation Expressions Using Lexical Information and Rules

Y11-1063 [bib]: Takafumi Suzuki; Kiyoko Uchiyama; Ryota Tomisaka; Akiko Aizawa
Analyzing the characteristics of academic paper categories by using an index of representativeness

Y11-1064 [bib]: Yunong Wu; Kenji Kita; Fuji Ren; Kazuyuki Matsumoto; Xin Kang
Exploring Emotional Words for Chinese Document Chief Emotion Analysis

Y11-1065 [bib]: Liyin Chen; Siaw-Fong Chung; Chao-Lin Liu
A Construction Grammar Approach to Prepositional Phrase Attachment: Semantic Feature Analysis of V NP1 into NP2 Construction

Y11-1066 [bib]: Shu Zhang; Hao Yu
Supervised and Semi-supervised Methods based Organization Name Disambiguity

Y11-1067 [bib]: Alvin Andhika Zulen; Ayu Purwarianti
Study and Implementation of Monolingual Approach on Indonesian Question Answering for Factoid and Non-Factoid Question