Frédéric Blain

Also published as: Frederic Blain


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deepQuest: A Framework for Neural-based Quality Estimation
Julia Ive | Frédéric Blain | Lucia Specia

Predicting Machine Translation (MT) quality can help in many practical tasks such as MT post-editing. The performance of Quality Estimation (QE) methods has drastically improved recently with the introduction of neural approaches to the problem. However, thus far neural approaches have only been designed for word and sentence-level prediction. We present a neural framework that is able to accommodate neural QE approaches at these fine-grained levels and generalize them to the level of documents. We test the framework with two sentence-level neural QE approaches: a state of the art approach that requires extensive pre-training, and a new light-weight approach that we propose, which employs basic encoders. Our approach is significantly faster and yields performance improvements for a range of document-level quality estimation tasks. To our knowledge, this is the first neural architecture for document-level QE. In addition, for the first time we apply QE models to the output of both statistical and neural MT systems for a series of European languages and highlight the new challenges resulting from the use of neural MT.

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Combining Quality Estimation and Automatic Post-editing to Enhance Machine Translation output
Rajen Chatterjee | Matteo Negri | Marco Turchi | Frédéric Blain | Lucia Specia

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Findings of the WMT 2018 Shared Task on Quality Estimation
Lucia Specia | Frédéric Blain | Varvara Logacheva | Ramón Astudillo | André F. T. Martins

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Sheffield Submissions for the WMT18 Quality Estimation Shared Task
Julia Ive | Carolina Scarton | Frédéric Blain | Lucia Specia


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Guiding Neural Machine Translation Decoding with External Knowledge
Rajen Chatterjee | Matteo Negri | Marco Turchi | Marcello Federico | Lucia Specia | Frédéric Blain

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The QT21 Combined Machine Translation System for English to Latvian
Jan-Thorsten Peter | Hermann Ney | Ondřej Bojar | Ngoc-Quan Pham | Jan Niehues | Alex Waibel | Franck Burlot | François Yvon | Mārcis Pinnis | Valters Šics | Joost Bastings | Miguel Rios | Wilker Aziz | Philip Williams | Frédéric Blain | Lucia Specia

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Bilexical Embeddings for Quality Estimation
Frédéric Blain | Carolina Scarton | Lucia Specia


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Sheffield Systems for the English-Romanian WMT Translation Task
Frédéric Blain | Xingyi Song | Lucia Specia

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The QT21/HimL Combined Machine Translation System
Jan-Thorsten Peter | Tamer Alkhouli | Hermann Ney | Matthias Huck | Fabienne Braune | Alexander Fraser | Aleš Tamchyna | Ondřej Bojar | Barry Haddow | Rico Sennrich | Frédéric Blain | Lucia Specia | Jan Niehues | Alex Waibel | Alexandre Allauzen | Lauriane Aufrant | Franck Burlot | Elena Knyazeva | Thomas Lavergne | François Yvon | Mārcis Pinnis | Stella Frank

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USFD’s Phrase-level Quality Estimation Systems
Varvara Logacheva | Frédéric Blain | Lucia Specia

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Phrase Level Segmentation and Labelling of Machine Translation Errors
Frédéric Blain | Varvara Logacheva | Lucia Specia

This paper presents our work towards a novel approach for Quality Estimation (QE) of machine translation based on sequences of adjacent words, the so-called phrases. This new level of QE aims to provide a natural balance between QE at word and sentence-level, which are either too fine grained or too coarse levels for some applications. However, phrase-level QE implies an intrinsic challenge: how to segment a machine translation into sequence of words (contiguous or not) that represent an error. We discuss three possible segmentation strategies to automatically extract erroneous phrases. We evaluate these strategies against annotations at phrase-level produced by humans, using a new dataset collected for this purpose.

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USFD at SemEval-2016 Task 1: Putting different State-of-the-Arts into a Box
Ahmet Aker | Frederic Blain | Andres Duque | Marina Fomicheva | Jurica Seva | Kashif Shah | Daniel Beck


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Continuous Adaptation to User Feedback for Statistical Machine Translation
Frédéric Blain | Fethi Bougares | Amir Hazem | Loïc Barrault | Holger Schwenk

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SHEF-NN: Translation Quality Estimation with Neural Networks
Kashif Shah | Varvara Logacheva | Gustavo Paetzold | Frederic Blain | Daniel Beck | Fethi Bougares | Lucia Specia


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Marcello Federico | Nicola Bertoldi | Mauro Cettolo | Matteo Negri | Marco Turchi | Marco Trombetti | Alessandro Cattelan | Antonio Farina | Domenico Lupinetti | Andrea Martines | Alberto Massidda | Holger Schwenk | Loïc Barrault | Frederic Blain | Philipp Koehn | Christian Buck | Ulrich Germann


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Automatic Translation of Scientific Documents in the HAL Archive
Patrik Lambert | Holger Schwenk | Frédéric Blain

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Collaborative Machine Translation Service for Scientific texts
Patrik Lambert | Jean Senellart | Laurent Romary | Holger Schwenk | Florian Zipser | Patrice Lopez | Frédéric Blain