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Tools and Software for English - Morphology and part of speech tagging

For languages other than English, see List of resources by language.


Free software

  • Catvar 2.0 - The Categorial Variation Database for English (OSL)
  • HFST - Helsinki Finite-State Transducer Technology - FST library, command line tools, hfst-twolc (a rule compiler for two-level rules), and several spellers and morphological analyzers (GPL)
  • FOMA - finite-state toolkit (similar to Xerox XFST), created and maintained by Måns Huldén (GPL)
  • lttoolbox -- lexical processing tools for building morphological analysers/generators with XML specification files. Includes data for English (both analysis and disambiguation). (GPL)
  • PC-KIMMO - a Two-level Processor for Morphological Analysis, including KGEN, KTEXT, and Englex
  • SFST - Stuttgart Finite State Transducer Tools (GPL)
    • Where is the data for English?
  • MULTEXT mmorph - (unmaintained) two-level morphology, package includes some data for English and German, (GPL2 or later)

Source(s): Software solutions

Unknown license

  • MAP - Cambridge/Edinburgh Morphological Analyzer and Dictionary System (gratis download, no license information)

Proprietary software

Part of speech tagging

Free software

  • ACOPOST - A Collection Of PoS Taggers Maximum Entropy Tagger, Trigram Tagger, Transformation-based Tagger, Example-based tagger
  • Illinois LBJ POS Tagger - Uses averaged Perceptron based sequential model. Java API, Free, open source license.
  • GENiA- part-of-speech tagging, shallow parsing, and named entity recognition for biomedical text. C++, BSD license.
  • NLTK - Natural Language Toolkit Regexp Tagger, N-Gram Tagger, Brill Tagger, HMM Tagger, plus a freely downloadable book with a chapter on tagging
  • RelEx - provides English-language part-of-speech tagging, entity tagging, as well as other types of tags (gender, date, money ...), after performing a deep parse, so that tags agree with parse. Also provides resulting stems. Apache 2.0 License.
  • Spejd - Shallow Parsing and Disambiguation Engine a GPL tool for simultaneous rule-based morphosyntactic disambiguation and partial parsing
  • Tagger training on the Apertium Wiki (HMM + constraint based)
  • VISL Constraint Grammar rule based disambiguation (GPL)
    • Is there a Free set of rules for English?

Proprietary software

Combined morphology and tagging

Free software

Proprietary software

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