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Hindi computing is gaining momentum very fast. thousands of Hindi sites, blogs and portals have come as a result of availability of computing tools and ease of use. Following link has a list of important tools and softwares for Hindi and Devanaagarii:


  • HamleDT, harmonized dependency treebanks of many languages, common annotation style.

Dependency Parser

POS Tagger, Morphological Analyzer, Lemmatizer, Corpus

The tagger and its related files are distributed under GNU GPL license. Corpus is licensed.

Related Publication: Siva Reddy, Serge Sharoff. Cross Language POS Taggers (and other Tools) for Indian Languages: An Experiment with Kannada using Telugu Resources. In Proceedings of IJCNLP workshop on Cross Lingual Information Access: Computational Linguistics and the Information Need of Multilingual Societies. (CLIA 2011 at IJNCLP 2011), Chiang Mai, Thailand Bibtex

Morphological analysis

Free software

  • Hindi analyser for lttoolbox (~29,385 lemmata) -- GPL (by the University of Hyderabad — converted from the Anusaaraka analyser)

Machine translation

Free software

Shallow Parser

Hindi Shallow parser

Keywords: Hindi, Part of Speech tagger, Lemmatizer, Morph Analyzer, Corpus