Faculty advisor duties

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Faculty Advisor Duties

Conference Handbook - Faculty Advisor Duties

The Student Research Workshop is organized by the student chairs, with guidance from the faculty advisors appointed by the ACL conference General Chair. The faculty advisors are responsible for:

  • overseeing the organization of the SRW and providing suggestions to the student chairs
  • ensuring that ACL student session policies are adhered to seeking funding for students to attend the ACL conference and in particular the ACL Student Research Workshop
  • overseeing the selection of students to receive travel funding (see ACL policy on general student travel funding)

The faculty advisors are responsible for submitting proposals for funding to external funding agencies. ACL-05 proposal to NSF provides a sample proposal from a recent conference. However, efforts should be extended to funding agencies in Europe and Asia, since NSF restrictions can limit the travel funds that can be provided to students based outside the United States. The faculty advisors should begin seeking funding immediately upon appointment to the position.