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ACL Exec

Conference Handbook - Meetings held by Exec

Exec Meeting

Usually, the ACL Exec holds an all-day meeting the day before the main conference.

For this it requires one room seating about 20 people boardroom-style. Projection equipment and internet access are desirable. Breakfast and lunch are usually provided.

Business Meeting

The ACL business meeting is on the third day of the ACL conference. The first part of the meeting consists of brief presentations by ACL officers and conference organizers. The second part is a open discussion.

Exec++ Dinner

The Exec has a special dinner during the conference to acknowledge and thank all volunteers (about 50 people) for their services. This dinner usually lasts a long time. The Local Chair should arrange this dinner, in coordination with the ACL President and Secretary. Some AV equipment is usually needed.

Post-conference Breakfast

the Exec has a post-conference breakfast on the day after the main conference of ACL. The ACL Exec members, main organizers of the ACL conferences of the year and the following year are invited to the breakfast. People mainly talk about issues concerning conference organization. The breakfast usually lasts for 90 minutes.

Author: Eduard Hovy, 2000; revised by Shiqi Zhao, 2016