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Participants* Campaign Version Specific usage description Evaluations / Comments
DLSIUAES RTE5 Frame-to-frame similarity metric. Used in combination with Wordnet. Ablation test performed (WordNet+Framenet). Positive impact on two-way run: +1.16% accuracy. Negative impact on three-way run: -0.17% (the same for two-way derived).
UB.dmirg RTE5 If two lexical items are covered in a single FrameNet frame, then the two items are treated as semantically related. The two verbs fly and pace, for instance, are covered in (inherited from) the same FrameNet frame Self_motion; therefore, we assume that these two verbs are semantically interchangeable. Two ablation tests performed. The first for Framenet alone, the second for both WordNet and Framenet. Null impact of the resource(s) on two-way task for both ablations.
DLSIUAES RTE4 Data taken from the RTE4 proceedings. Participants are recommended to add further information.
VENSES RTE3 Verb subcategorization No evaluation of the resource
New user Participants are encouraged to contribute.
Total: 4

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