Instructions for contributors (Repository)

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  • Metadata: Each item in the repository must have an associated metadata entry in the ACL Wiki. Choose a good name for your contribution and add "(Repository)" to the name (e.g., "Wall Street Journal Corpus (Repository)"). Add a link to a new ACL Wiki entry in Resources by Date (Repository), using this name. Click on the link to begin editing the metadata for your new entry.
  • ADCR ID: Create an ID for the dataset or software.
  • Name of Dataset/Software: Create a name for the dataset or software.
  • Contributor: State who is depositing the data or code. Include contact information, such as a link to your personal web page. Include the date the deposit was made.
  • Copyright: State who owns the copyright for the data or code, and the date of the copyright. If you (the depositor) do not own the copyright, then you must explicitly state that the owner of the copyright has granted you permission to contribute the data or code to the ACL Data and Code Repository. Contributions that violate copyright will be deleted.
  • Licensing: State the terms under which the data or code may be used. For data, we suggest one of the Creative Commons licenses. For code, we suggest one of the GNU licenses. You may use any other widely recognized license. You should not create your own special custom license. Contributions without license terms will be deleted.
  • Citation: State how (or whether) you would like the contribution to be cited or acknowledged in any publications that result from using the contribution.
  • Description: Briefly describe the data or code. A longer description and documentation should be included in the download package.
  • Packaging: The item should be a .zip or .gz file. If you have multiple files (and you should have at least the data or code file plus the documentation file), bundle them together into a single .zip or .gz file.
  • Uploading: Upload here.
  • Linking: Add a link to the uploaded file in the metadata page.