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A study on the knowledge resources used in Textual Entailment was started with the ablation tests carried out on the RTE-5 Main task submissions, which gave a hint about the impact of knowledge resources on TE system performances. Given the interest raised by this new initiative, the investigation of knowledge resources, which in RTE-6 was extended to tools, will be also continued in the RTE-7 challenge.

Making the resources available to be used by other systems has several advantages:

  • It helps improve the TE technology;
  • it offers an opportunity to further test and evaluate the resource.

In order to help the research, all the participants are invited to contribute and share their own resources with the RTE community, adding them to the table below.

Resource Type Author Brief description
Java number normalizer (Beta) Bar-Ilan University A tool for converting textual representations of numbers to a standard numerical string.
New resource People are encouraged to contribute

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