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Name: Siva Reddy



Research Interests: Lexical Semantics, Semantic Composition, Multiwords, Machine Learning, Word Sense Disambiguation/Induction, Lexical Acquisition, Web Corpora, Web as a Resource for NLP problems, Cross Language Resources, Syntactic Parsing, Question Answering Inference

Please find some of the resources developed by me.

Compound Noun Compositionality Dataset

Compositionality Dataset described in Reddy, McCarthy and Manandhar (2011, IJCNLP). Alternate download link from Diana McCarthy

POS Taggers, Corpora, Lemmatizers, Morph Analyzers for Indian Languages

Most of these tools are developed by the methods described in Reddy and Sharoff (2011, CLIA @ IJCNLP). Some of the taggers are built using cross-lingual resources and some using mono-lingual resources. Please read corresponding README's of each tool for additional information. This work is supported by Sketch Engine and Intellitext project. If you need resources for any other Indian languages, please contact me.

Kannada Tools

Download v2.0 Sample Output of the tagger For the complete corpus described in the paper, please contact me. Alternate download link from Serge Sharoff

Telugu Tools

Download v2.0 Sample Output of the tagger

Hindi Tools

Download v2.0 Sample Output of the tagger

Indonesian and Malay morphological analyzer, part-of-speech (POS) tagger, Machine Translation System

With support from Sketch Engine, I have made few contributions to the Apertium Indonesian-Malay language pair. All the tools can be downloaded from svn repository To download use the command "svn co"

Keywords: Polysemy, Compositionality, Semantic Composition, Domain WSD, Vector Space Models, Semantics, IIIT Hyderabad, York, Lexical Computing Ltd., Sketch Engine, Resources, POS Taggers, Morphological Analyzers