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Free license

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Evaluation datasets


Morphological analysis

Free software

  • Morphisto, based on SMOR, is an SFST-based analyser and generator for German. (The morphology is GPLv2, but the lexicon is proprietary/non-commercial: CC-BY-SA-NC v3)
  • German morphology data, based on Morhpy, licensed under CC-BY-SA 3.0


Free software

  • DING - German-English Dictionary with approximately 253,000 entries (GPL 2 or later).
  • OpenThesaurus - German synonyms and associated terms (LGPL)
  • [1] - German Named Entity Tagger, mixed LGPL/ASL2.0, free for commercial and academic use
  • [2] Dependency Collapser/propagator to produce Stanford Colla[sed Dependency-style annotations on top of dependency parser output


Unknown license

Resource Access

Timeline Analysis